Five Useful Factory Car Accessories

Five Useful Factory Car Accessories

Car manufacturers add factory accessories as sales tools that help move inventory. Nifty gizmos and unique selling features make their automobiles standout from others in the segment. This can go a long way to securing a new customer. Some of these clever car accessories are not only interesting but can also be useful in enhancing the driving experience. Here we’ll cover five factory installed options that can help you enjoy the car today and pay you back when it comes to selling the car down the road.

Automatic Headlights

When it comes to useful extras on an automobile it’s hard to find one that is more welcomed than an automatic headlight system. This feature revolves around a light sensor that is installed in the upper portion of the dash panel out near the windshield. The light sensor is used to turn on the daytime running lights and will automatically turn on the headlamps when ambient light falls below specific levels.The automatic headlight system does away with two things that use to plague drivers back in the 70s and early 80s. Those old enough will remember seeing people driving at dusk and even at night with no headlights on. It’s easy to forget as darkness grows slowly and the human eyes automatically adjust to the lower light conditions. Another problem, this automated system resolves is forgetting to turn the lights off. I’m sure we all know someone who left their lights on and came out to find a dead battery the next morning.

Wiper Activated Headlamps

This feature activates the parking lamps and headlights after the windshield wipers have been used for a short period of time. As rainfalls and ambient light decreases it can be challenging to see other vehicles. This system works with the auto headlight feature. It allows the driver to concentrate on the road instead of having to remember that even though it is daylight hours, they should turn on the exterior lighting to increase their visibility to other drivers.

Cruise Control Systems

Once only available on high line luxury automobiles the cruise control system has reached the mainstream and is available on just about any make and model. Although this system is a welcomed convenience it can also help improve total fuel economy. An automobile will use less fuel when maintaining a steady throttle position. When this control is left to the driver inconsistent pushing down and letting up on the accelerator can eat away at Highway fuel economy numbers. On top of this, a cross-country road trip without cruise control is unthinkable for most motorists.

Optional Fog Lamps

Once considered a unique aftermarket added accessory the fog light has become part of modern automotive styling. It’s hard to find a sports car today that does not offer standard factory mounted fog or driving lamps. Not only can automotive manufacturers use the low mounted lamps to make the car look aggressive and sporty but fog lights really help the drivers see. The water droplets that make up the mist can reflect light back towards the driver. The idea of the fog lamp is to slide a wide beam of light down near the ground where less water droplets are found. This accessory can help illuminate the road directly in front of the driver so they can avoid potholes and road debris, even in conditions of reduced visibility.

Abundant Power Outlets

Again, comparing older vehicles from the 70s and 80s to the modern ones of today we can’t forget the evolution of the power outlet. The revelation from car manufacturers is that potential customers think more is better. At first additional power outlets were deployed to charge cell phones, but on minivans and SUVs these outlets can be found all over the interior and rear compartment. Originally used to light tobacco products now, you will find DVD players, interior vacuums and even karaoke systems plugged into them. Although there is no questioning the usefulness and convenience, power outlets have limitations.

When looking at a vehicle that is loaded with factory car accessories it’s easy to forget the benefits can be twofold. Not only can you enjoy the convenience and functionality while you own this automobile, when it comes time to sell it, these features will also appeal to potential buyers. Even if you decide to trade the vehicle in at a dealership against the next one, each additional accessory can raise the book value by several hundred dollars in some cases.

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