Kits for Windshield Repair Reviews: DIY or Hire a Professional?

A ding in your windshield might look bad but nobody wants to have his or her entire windshield replaced because of cosmetic damage. A crack or chip may start out small but due to the structural integrity of the windshield being compromised, it may grow over time and could result in webbing or cracking that is severe enough that you cannot see the road. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can actually get a ticket for this as it is hazardous to other drivers. The trouble for most motorists is that having a windshield repaired or replaced is cost-prohibitive. Several companies offer do-it-yourself (DIY) windshield repair kits and these may be a solution that will work for you. Windshield repair reviews offer reasonable overviews of the pros and cons of using a DIY approach to windshield repair.

The Good News

Hiring a professional and replacing the windshield of your car may cost you as much or than $500, depending on the make and model of the vehicle and where you live. Even having a crack or ding repaired could cost upwards of $75, making a DIY kit fiscally attractive.
Permatex and Fix-A-Windshield are both highly rated products produced by their respective companies for a motorist to fix their own windshields. A quick perusal online will demonstrate that windshield repair reviews for these two products are generally very positive and customers report a high level of satisfaction with them. Taking your car to a shop requires many hours of waiting but a DIY kit typically takes about a total of two hours at max to complete. You will not have to pay any extra fees, wait for other customer’s jobs to be done first and do not have to deal with any sales pressure from the shop owners.
The biggest benefit to a DIY kit is that it is a cost-effective way of maintaining the safety of your vehicle. It is not difficult to imagine how quickly a ding could become a major catastrophe should the windshield’s integrity fails altogether. Keep in mind that cracks in the glass, even on a microscopic level, significantly increase the likelihood that temperature changes and blunt force will result in a compromised windshield.

The Bad News

As with any new skill, repairing windshield nicks and dings requires a certain amount of practice to excel at. Consumers looking to save money while caring for their windshield should keep their expectations reasonable. Cosmetic perfection is something that professionals train and practice for and unless you have had years of experience working with resin, glass and the tools in the kit, you may find that your results are somewhat less than perfect.
The tools provided in the kits are typically plastic versions of the more durable tools professionals use. This is not always a concern, however, be aware of the fact that inexpensive often comes at the cost of quality. The resin in the repair kits may not be as high quality as what a professional would use, either, which will ultimately affect the cosmetic appearance of your repair.
The final downside to the DIY windshield repair kit is the time it takes to do them. Yes, you will almost certainly not have to deal with the hassles you would when taking your car to an auto-body shop. That said, many of the advertisements for DIY kits claim that you can have your windshield “good as new” in as little as ten minutes. This is completely misleading. Even if you have superior skill, the facts of the situation is that without the professional tools, the resin takes longer than that to set, let alone counting in the time of prep, learning how the tools work, reading the instructions and cleanup afterwards. Scheduling a good two hour block is your best bet as it gives you the time to do it right, take your time and make sure the resin is truly set before finishing the job.

Repairing minor dings and cracks in your windshield is an important part of routine vehicle maintenance. You have the option of repairing these problems on your own and windshield repair reviews would indicate that doing so is a valid and relatively reliable way of saving money. Take your time, research your product, and do not rush. Do not expect to get professional results right away but do expect to have a safer windshield.