Learning a Vehicle’s Auto Repair History

Learning a Vehicle’s Auto Repair History

When you are buying a used vehicle, you should make sure that the car is both reliable and in good repair. A car that has been damaged will have a lower value and may have lasting issues that will make it less reliable and prone to break down. Checking out the vehicle’s repair history will show you what work has been done on the car and what accidents it has been in so you can get an accurate idea of the car’s value. The following will information contains tips to help you find out about a car’s auto repair history.

Ask the Dealer or Seller for the Car’s History

The dealer or seller from whom you are purchasing the car should have records of the vehicle’s repair and maintenance history. These records should be easily available to you as the potential buyer of the car. Before you purchase a car, make sure to ask the seller to show you the records they have on the vehicle, and be sure to ask any questions that you have after reading the records.

Have the Car Inspected by a Mechanic

A qualified mechanic can tell if a car has previously been in an accident or been damaged or if it has had body repair work. Make sure to have a mechanic inspect any car you are considering purchasing. A mechanic may also be able to tell you if the car has any lingering problems from any previous damage. If they find signs of previous damage, make sure to ask the dealer about what may have happened to the car, and consider this damage when deciding what price to pay.

Talk to Previous Owners of the Vehicle

If the current owner of the vehicle bought the vehicle used from someone else, he or she may not be aware of the car’s complete auto repair history. The previous owner may be able to provide more information regarding the car’s previous accidents, repairs, and maintenance. Therefore, once you have spoken with the current owner of the vehicle, it may be beneficial to talk with the previous owner about the vehicle’s repair history.

Inspect the Car Yourself

If you have some familiarity with cars, you may opt to inspect the car yourself for evidence of prior damage to the car. Signs that the car may have previously been damaged include the following:

  • Mismatched panels on the car;
  • Mismatched Paint;
  • Differences Between One Side of the Car and the Other.

Use Online Sources to Check Auto Repair History

The most thorough and accurate way to check a vehicle’s repair history is to use one of the many online resources available for that purpose. These sites can provide a complete history on the vehicle’s repair history, including a history of accidents, the repairs that were done and the maintenance performed on the vehicle. Some of these resources are free, and others ask a fee. They will require the Vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle, so be sure to obtain it from the seller before you conduct your search.

Checking a vehicle’s auto repair history is an important step before you commit to buying a vehicle. Finding out whether the car has been in an accident and what work has been done on the car will help to assure you that you are paying a fair price and getting a reliable car. There are a number of routes you can take to find a vehicle’s repair history. Follow the tips above to make sure you have a good understanding of the repair history of the next vehicle you decide to buy.

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