Replacing a Honda Accord Side Mirror

One of the easier things to break on a car is the side mirror. This goes for the Honda Accord as well as any other vehicle. Fortunately, repairing or replacing the side mirror is an easy process to complete. There are two basic ways of fixing a side mirror. One is to repair it, and the other is to replace it completely.



Decide Whether to Repair or Replace

To fix a side mirror, you must first decide if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Usually a broken side mirror can be repaired using a plastic bonding glue. If the mirror is shattered or the plastic is cracked beyond repair, then the mirror has to be replaced.


Start by Removing Broken Pieces

The first thing you must do is remove the old mirror. With most models of the Honda Accord, this means simply removing the screws and disconnecting the wires if the mirror is an electric mirror. Once this is done, you can purchase the new mirror.


Decide Where to Purchase the New Mirror: Junkyard or Auto Parts Store

For older Honda Accords, you can find side mirrors from auto parts stores or used mirrors at junkyards. The mirror from the auto parts store is usually a new mirror, while one from a junkyard will most likely match the wear on the year of the car it is going on. Decide which you prefer based on preference and budget.


Use a Scraper or Similar Tool to Remove Any Remaining Mirror or Mirror Glue

It is important to make sure that the old mirror is completely removed before attempting to fit a new mirror. This includes any pieces of mirror that are stuck to the mount with glue or a fastener. This is important because the new mirror will not fit if anything is in its way.


Line Up the New Mirror

Line the new mirror up with the slot for the old mirror and make certain that it fits. If it does not fit, the replacement mirror is probably from the wrong size or model car.


Connect the Wires if It is a Power Mirror

If the mirror is electric, the new mirror’s wires should match with the wires from the old mirror. Simply cut the wires for the old mirror and splice the new mirror into the wiring harness. Match the new and old wires up and using fasteners or twisting the like-colored wires together and capping them with wire caps.


Connect the Fasteners

Make certain that the fasteners between the two mirrors fit by trying them out before fully attaching the mirror. If everything fits, connect the fasteners.


Secure the New Mirror

Some Honda Accord side mirrors are held in place with screws. Other mirrors are held in place with fasteners. This all depends on the year and model of the Accord. Whichever, secure the mirror into place.


Test the New Mirror

Test out the new mirror, particularly if it is electric. Make sure that it moves easily and has plenty of play to it without being so loose it moves when not desired by hand or by power.


Adjust the Side Mirror to Suit Your Needs

Adjust your new side mirror so that you can see with it. Each person’s side mirror adjustment is different than the next, so this step should be done to individual preference rather than any standard specification. Once the mirror is adjusted so the driver can see as desired, the mirror should stay in place.

There are many reasons why a Honda Accord side mirror might need to be repaired or replaced. These often break on earlier model cars that have been frequently exposed to sunlight. The mirrors are easily replaced or repaired by following a few basic steps. Almost anyone with some mechanical or electrical knowledge can do it.