Replacing Your Car’s Ball Joint

Replacing Your Car’s Ball Joint

The ball joint is an important part of your vehicle. It is also a part that you may not be aware. Even though it is relatively small, the ball joint forms an important part of the steering system of your car. When something goes wrong with it, you will need to pay attention to it. The ball joint is to be found at the spot where the suspension joins to the wheels. These flexible joints are an important part of the steering mechanism of your car. They do not need lubricating regularly, but should be maintained.

When Do You Need to Have the Ball Joint Replaced?

Every part of your vehicle has a limited lifespan. The ball joints can wear out and will not be able to pivot as efficiently, or move up and down effectively enough to absorb any bumps you may go over. This may also affect the smoothness of the steering of your vehicle. If the ball joints were to fail completely, then you could lose control of the steering of your vehicle.

How is a Ball Joint Replaced?

To replace the ball joint, the vehicle must be jacked up and put on trestles. Usually it is necessary to remove both front wheels. The old ball joint must be exposed and removed. As it is a sealed unit, this involves removing the pins and nuts holding it in place and removing the whole joint as one. The entire new unit is then inserted and fixed in place.

How Much Will It Cost You to Have a Ball Joint Replaced?

The cost of replacing any part of your vehicle depends on the cost of the part and on the time it takes to do the procedure. Depending on the damage to your car and the make and model of the car, replacing a ball joint can cost from $500 to $1000.

Who Should Replace the Ball Joint?

It is possible to buy a ball joint for your car on its own. It is important, though, that a qualified and experienced mechanic replaces it. This will ensure the continued running of your car.

The ball joint is a hidden, but vital part of your car?s assembly. It is important in relation to the effective steering of your car. Make sure that you have your car regularly maintained. Use this process to preserve the ball joint.

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