Replacing Your Ford Taurus Door Made Simple

There might be an instance in your Ford’s lifetime when you need to replace its car door. Sometimes, doors become rusty or become dented beyond repair. If you need to replace a Ford Taurus door, you may not know where or how to get started. Replacing a door is simple and is something that, with the proper tools, you can do yourself.



Get the Right Replacement Door

The first thing that you are going to want to do is to be sure that you have the right door. You can look for a Ford Taurus door in a salvage or junk yard on the same model car. The best way for you to be sure is to check the replacement door against the damaged door. If they match, you’ve got the right door.


Gather the Tools You Need

Next, you will need to gather the right tools to do the door change. The tools you need are basic and you may already have them in your tool chest. The only tool you really need to change your door is an adjustable wrench.


Unhook the Door Wiring

You will now want to pull the Ford Taurus door’s electrical wiring, which is encased in a rubber tube, out of the door recess. Once you’ve pulled it out far enough, you will see the electrical connector. When you see the connector, press the tabs to depress the door half from the car body half.


Unhook the Door Holder

Next, it is time to unhook the door holder. Use a wrench to unhook the door holder. You are essentially unbolting the door holder from the car.


Unbolt the Hinges

Next, have a friend hold the car door for you. You will need to use the wrench to unbolt the hinges on the door. When the bolts are removed, you will then see that the old door can easily be moved away from the car.


Line Up the New Door

Now that the old door has been removed, it is time to line up the new Ford Taurus door. Be sure that there are no hinges on the door when you are lining it up. Be sure to line the bolt holes on the new door up with the bolt holes on the car body.


Bolt the New Door to the Hinges

Now that you have the door lined up, bolt the new door to the hinges. Place the bolts into the bolt holes and turn them with your fingers. Then, tighten the bolts the rest of the way down with the wrench. After that, bolt the door holders in place the same way.


Reconnect the Door Wiring

Now, it is time to reconnect the Ford Taurus door wiring. Push the new door connector into the car body door connector. Then, push the rubber tubing back into the new door recess.


Check the Electronics

When the wiring is all connected, turn your car on. Check to see that all of the electronics in the door work. Put the windows down and then back up a few times. Check the lock and unlock functions. If they all work, the wiring was connected properly.


Use Thread Locking Fluid

Finally, apply some thread locking fluid to the Ford Taurus door. Unbolt one bolt at a time and apply the thread locking fluid. Replace the bolt and repeat this process until all the bolts have the locking fluid applied. When all the bolts are done, your car is ready to drive.

Replacing a Ford Taurus door is a simple task that won’t take much time at all. Doors do need to be replaced from time to time, but it’s not a big deal and you shouldn’t worry. Get a replacement door and follow these simple steps to ensure the correct replacement of your door. Once your door has been replaced and locking fluid has been applied, your Ford Taurus’ door will be as good as new and you will feel accomplished knowing you replaced it yourself.