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Are Semi-Metallic Brake Pads Right for You?

If you’re interested in installing better brake pads in your vehicle, you have several options. Semi-metallic pads are one option that is suited to high-performance vehicles. In addition to being affordable, semi-metallic brake pads have many other advantages. To decide

Common Problems with ABS Brakes

ABS brakes have been around since the 70s on full production automobiles. As we got into the 80s they became more commonplace. In the 1990s it went from being a sales tool to standard equipment as the technology improved. Car

ABS Pump Motor Problems

Even though it would seem an article devoted to ABS (anti lock brake system) pump motor problems would only interest a few people this isn’t the case. Common problems with certain systems affect thousands of people that drive these automobiles.

Dealing with Brake Noise Problems

Car manufacturers realize how important the braking system is for customer safety and satisfaction. Therefore these systems are some of the most reliable on the entire car. Redundant backups are in place such as the emergency brake and reserve braking

ABS Problems on American Made Automobiles

Many States and municipalities in the U.S. use domestic automobiles to fill their transportation requirements. Generally they prefer to buy American as opposed to using tax dollars to purchase foreign automobiles. Therefore mechanics working on government fleet vehicles often find

How do You Know if Brake Rotors are Warped

Review common symptoms reported from drivers when brake rotors are warped. Discover how this condition can complicate a simple brake job. Learn about the only true way to know if brake rotors are warped to the point action is required.

Common Problems when Replacing Rear Brakes

Replacing brake shoes at home has always been a favorite task for driveway warriors. Sometimes we get more than we bargained for and run into an unexpected problem that seems insurmountable. Here we’ll discuss solutions to a common problem when

Replacing Rear Disc Brakes Common Problems

Replacing disc brakes on the front of an automobile is a fairly simple operation. However, when it comes to rear disc brakes the repairs are often more difficult than they first appear. Review common problems associated with replacing rear brake

Solving Automotive Parking Brake Problems

Parking Brake

Find an answer to the question, is it a parking brake or an emergency brake? In addition, learn how these systems operate and how to diagnose and repair common problems with manually operated brakes. Parking Brake or Emergency Brake A

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