Using a Mityvac Brake Fluid Bleeding System

Flushing brake fluid is a type of maintenance that vehicle owners perform to keep the hydraulic portion of a vehicle’s braking system operating at peak efficiency. Moisture from the atmosphere can enter hydraulic lines and begin to corrode metal parts. Flushing the brake fluid system removes accumulated moisture. Another reason for flushing the brake fluid could be from contamination from the introduction of a foreign fluid into the hydraulic reservoir. Foreign substances can damage seals in the brake hydraulic system and cause failures that may lead to the loss of braking control. Performing a brake fluid flush using a tool designed for the purpose can make the job much easier. One of the better designed systems is the Mityvac MV6838 Master Cylinder Brake Bleeding Kit.


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The Mityvac MV6838 is a complete brake bleeding and flushing system that uses compressed air to pressurize the system and supply a constant flow of fluid to prevent air bubbles in the brake lines. The MV6838 contains all the adapters necessary to fit virtually every vehicle on the market. The Mityvac can be bench mounted or hung from the included hook for easy access under the hood.
Using a brake fluid flush tool allows the task to be performed by a single individual and is much more efficient than the manual method. Because of the large reservoir provided with brake flush tools it eliminates the need to be constantly refilling the master cylinder reservoir during the process. In addition the flush tool helps to eliminate the formation of air bubbles in the brake fluid lines that would have to be bled out after the flush was complete.


The Mityvac MV6838 is a professionally designed unit that can be used in a repair shop or home garage as long as compressed air is present. The adapter that seals the master cylinder reservoir keeps air out of the system and the large fluid reservoir provides a constant flow of fluid at a rate of 2 quarts per minute. The MV6838 has a thumb throttle control and an automatic shut off to prevent overfilling.
Techs using the Mityvac MV6838 report that the unit is easy to set up and the clamp style master cylinder seal conforms to all different types of reservoir units on the master cylinder.


The Mityvac MV6838 performs as advertised, provides a complete system flush or line bleeding, and can be operated by a single user. The flush tool has all the attachments necessary to perform the job, making it unnecessary to buy additional tools to flush the system. The MV6838 works with any make and model vehicle, is easy to operate, and comes with a detailed instruction manual.


The Mityvac MV6838 is more expensive than basic flush tools that require more manual operation. The tool will not operate without compressed air to power the unit, so home use requires a compressor capable of providing a constant air supply.

The Mityvac MV6838 is a top quality product that can provide years of service. However, the expense of the professional flush tool may make home users think twice about purchasing the unit. Mityvac makes a number of less expensive brake fluid flush tools that do not contain all the features of the MV6838 but can provide home users a budget option that will still get the job done. Attachments may need to be purchased to allow the basic Mityvac units to work with certain vehicles.