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Why a Temperature Gauge Fluctuates

It can be a frustrating situation when your temperature gauge fluctuates on the dash. In this scenario, drivers note the gauge starts heading for the hot side and then quickly pulls back towards the middle where it belongs. This can

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Two Reasons Your Car AC Blows Warm Air

When a car AC blows warm air the root cause could be anything from a simple malfunction to a major expensive problem. Here we’ll discuss two common issues that can cause driver complaints of poor AC performance on hot days.

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3 Reasons Car AC Compressors will not Engage

When drivers turn on the air-conditioning and nothing but warm air comes out, a good first step in diagnosis is to figure out if the AC compressor is engaging. Here we’ll discuss three reasons a car AC compressor will not

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Do I Need a Car AC Service

Nobody wants to be without air-conditioning, but the question is do you need a car AC service to assure reliable performance. Here we’ll talk about a few different twists to this popular add on service and how to determine whether

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Converting Cars from R12 to R134A Freon

Discover some of the most important steps when converting cars from the old style R12 Freon to the more environmentally friendly 134A refrigerant. Review symptoms and problems created from improperly converted systems. Learn about common short cuts that can cause

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Is Your Car Heater Ready for Winter

One morning you go out to your car and realize it’s time to swing the heater control from blue to red. Is your car heater ready for winter? Here we’ll discuss some common problems when your vehicle refuses to comply

Get the Most Out of Your Car Air Conditioner

As the temperatures soar, we expect our car air-conditioner to keep up with the increased demand. Often motorists are disappointed with the volume or temperature of the discharged air. Discover how to decrease the length of time it takes to

Annual Car Air Conditioning Performance Test

When you turn on your car air conditioning for the first time this season, will you be happy with the results? Did the air temperature seem colder last year? Here will answer these common questions and provide an action plan

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