Replacing Your AC Condenser

Fixing your car’s air conditioning (ac) system can be daunting. However, with a little know-how and the right tools, it is certainly manageable. One process that you might have to undertake is replacing your ac condenser. Here are quick tips to aid you in the process.

Be Smart

If it looks like the process is beyond your capability, do not be ashamed. You will do more damage to your car if you are unprepared. If there is pressure in your ac system, make sure that you get it released professionally. This process is potentially dangerous and can cause serious problems down the line if it is performed incorrectly.

Gather the Necessary Materials

You will need a replacement condenser. Also, you will require an array of other tools. Many of these are standard auto repair tools, but others are decidedly more specialized for the task at hand. You will want an ac dryer, gaskets, and a vacuum pump. You should have a gauge with a number of connectors to help you measure the pressure levels too. Also, you will need refrigerant oil that matches your vehicle’s specifications.

Check for Pressure

It is incredibly important that you check for existing pressure in your system. This should always be your first step when you are about to replace a condenser. Plug the gauges into the appropriate spots under the hood of your car. These should then give you pressure readings. These readings will allow you to determine the likelihood that you have a leak or some other problem. In the event that there is a vacuum instead of pressure, it is unlikely that a leak is the cause of your problems.

Remove the Necessary Bolts and Covers

Your next step should be to gain better access to the workings of the ac unit. To do so, you should remove all the screws and hex nuts. Also, you should remove the fogs. Be careful not to dislodge the connector. Then, you should be able to remove the bumper from your car. From here, remove the plastic cover that rests on your radiator. Now, you will need to remove the covering behind the auxiliary fan.

Replace Your Condenser

To remove the condenser, you must take out the lines that connect the ac unit to the condenser. After you have done so, you can access the condenser from the unit. This is best done from the underside of the car. Once removed, fit your new condenser with the proper lines and gaskets. After this has been done, you can insert the new ac condenser. Once inserted, make sure that everything you took out is put back in and fastened.

Replacing the condenser in your ac can be pretty difficult if you are not well prepared. There are a fair number of steps to follow, and the process requires a familiarity with your automobile. Still, if you are capable of replacing your ac condenser on your own or with very little assistance, you stand to save a considerable amount of money. Once you do it a couple times, the process should be much easier.