Cyber Clean Automotive

If you drive a lot, chances are the interior of your car gets quite dirty. You may not notice it right away, but one day you will settle into the driver’s seat and wonder where all that grime and dust came from. However, you put off cleaning your car because that would require getting out sponges, cloths, and a bucket with soap and water. Instead of soaking your car’s interior, though, there is a better way to get rid of the grime: Cyber Clean Automotive. Read on for a review of this product and decide if it is right for you.


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Cyber Clean Automotive is a non-toxic, putty-like material that claims to kill almost 100 percent of germs on a given surface while leaving your car smelling pleasantly like mint. The material can be reused more than 75 times and it is biodegradable. It comes in a plastic resealable cup to keep it fresh for the next time you use it. Its moldable form means you can smash it into the tightest spots, such as air vents and dashboard crevices, to remove dirt and dust. Cyber Clean uses a micro-encapsulation process to absorb dirt, keep it in the material, and kill germs. As long as you dab the putty rather than swipe it, it will leave no residue behind.


Most consumers who review Cyber Clean Automotive say that it is easy to use and stretches to cover larger surfaces, while still getting in all the cracks and crevices. They say it leaves surfaces visibly cleaner and many like the putty-like texture. Reviewers say that you can even use Cyber Clean on your car’s upholstery to give it back some shine. People are happy that the material does not easily rip or fall apart, even when smashed into and pulled out of small spaces. Some reviewers caution you to pat or dab the material rather than wipe it to avoid leaving reside behind on the surface you are cleaning. Others say that this does not do any better than conventional cleaning methods, such as using a soaped-up cloth, but is good for quick maintenance cleaning.


Cyber Clean Automotive has many advantages. It is easy enough even for kids to use, and it helps you clean hard-to-reach places in your car’s interior, like air vents and door pockets. You can use it all over the car’s interior, even on the upholstery, and it is also great for other electronic devices, such as laptops and mobile phones.


There are a few disadvantages to Cyber Clean. It might not last for the advertised 75 uses, as it gets dirty quite fast. Also, if it is left out in the open air or if the storage cup is cracked, the material will dry out and become no longer malleable. If you do not follow directions and wipe the putty instead of dab it, it will leave residue on the surface.

Most people who review Cyber Clean Automotive are quite satisfied and express joy at cleaning with a fun, putty-like material. It is great for quick spot cleaning those hard-to-reach crevices while you are waiting in the car to pick someone up. Though Cyber Clean Automotive may not do a better job than conventional cleaning methods, it is fun to use and does not cost too much to buy and try out.