How to Repair a Jeep Grand Cherokee Sunroof Drain Seal

There are various problems that can be associated with the Jeep Grand Cherokee sunroof. One common issue is that many people have leaks from their sunroof. Leaking is usually caused by high pressure water jets and broken seals in the drain area of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The water passes by the seal and leaks directly into the drain, which may cause leaking on the inside of the vehicle. The leak is often noticed after car washes or during rainy weather. To learn how to fix the leak, read the following article.

How is Your Grand Cherokee Sunroof Diagnosed as Faulty?

A leak is usually the determining factor there is an issue with your sunroof. The leak usually splashes into the passenger compartment. Your Grand Cherokee sunroof may be leaking because of the drain seal. In other words, rain or water is getting into your vehicle for some reason, which can also be caused by a faulty drain seal.

How to Prepare for a New Drain Channel on Your Grand Cherokee Sunroof?

After your diagnostic, you should start by opening the vent shade. Then, the Grand Cherokee sunroof should be opened towards the vent. Make sure that you do not allow the sunroof to slide. This will ensure that you do not cause any extra damage to your vehicle doing such a small repair. Your drain and drain screws should be removed from the outside of the car, this ensures that you will not drop any screws into the sunroof mechanism.

How to Install the New Sunroof Drain?

Being sure that you have removed all of the attaching screws, carefully line your new drain up to the screw holes. The drain should fit comfortably, if it is placed properly. The drain is now ready to be screwed in. Although regular screwdrivers are effective, a magnetic screw driver will ensure that the screws stay in place. The magnetic screwdriver also cuts the time in half. Before you are done, carefully go around to every screw and tighten, making sure that you are not stripping the screw or holes.

What are Some Precautions That Should Be Taken?

It is important that you do not drop any screws into the Grand Cherokee sunroof. Dropping screws into the device may cost extra money, and it prolongs your leak repair. This is the primary reason why you should use a magnetic screwdriver, when you are repairing a sunroof. Your hands are often awkwardly positioned when screwing on a new drain for your sunroof. It is also always important to read instructions carefully, although a Grand Cherokee sunroof repair is a easy job, some people may have problems. There are often handy instructions that accompany the drain.

The Grand Cherokee sunroof may have several malfunctions or leaks, which are caused by different things. Some of these repairs can be done by a simple replacement procedure, which eliminates the cost of labor you would have to pay professional. The replacement requires a screwdriver, preferably magnetic, and a new drain channel. The process of repairing a leaky Grand Cherokee sunroof is done easily, and takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on your pace. A Grand Cherokee leaky sunroof repair is also a one man job, which is cost effective, and simple enough for you to do.