Best Replacement Spark Plug Wires

Replacing spark plug wires isn’t really a difficult task, but choosing which ones to purchase certainly can be. Most auto manufacturers recommend replacing spark plug wires after around 60,000 or 70,000 miles. If they become damaged by overheating or spillage of other automotive chemicals, there may be times when you need to replace them sooner. The list below includes replacement wires for every budget. It also features the most popular and highest-rated plug wires on the market, which will make selecting the right plugs for your vehicle a breeze.

Autolite 96100 Spark Plug Wire Set

For under $20 for a four-cylinder vehicle, you can find an Autolite brand of replacement spark plug wires at any major auto parts retailer. The basic Autolite spark plug wire set is one of the best-selling and most affordable available. They meet or exceed manufacturer requirements for replacement equipment. The Autolite plugs feature high-temperature, pre-greased silicone boots. If you just want a simple, basic, and durable replacement, these wires are the choice for you.

NGK ZE81 Spark Plug Wire Set

If you want a step up in performance for just a little bump in price, look no further than NGK’s basic spark plug wire replacement sets. These sets start around $24 for a four-cylinder engine. They feature locking terminals for a tight fit to the plugs that are corrosion-resistant. These NGK replacement spark plug wires are also excellent in terms of noise suppression. One of the nicest features of these plugs, though, is the color-coded wires that make it easy to identify and remember which wire goes where.

NGK HE76 Premium Spark Plug Wire Set

Another set of NGK spark plug replacement wires can really take your engine performance to the next level. The NGK HE76 Premium Spark Plug Wire Set will cost you around $88 for a four-cylinder engine, but performance enthusiasts rave about these wires in reviews. They feature the NGK ferrite magnetic core wire, which means more power being shot through to your spark plugs. The special core is also extremely heat resistant. The superior technology in these replacement spark plug wires provides longer life and top-of-the-line performance.

Bosch Premium Spark Plug Wire Set

The Bosch Premium Spark Plug Wire Set is a mid-range replacement for your vehicle. These spark plug replacement wires aim to reduce misfires and eliminate radio static by using a stainless steel winding and "snap lock" terminals. These Bosch plugs also have a lifetime guarantee. At around $35 to replace plugs on a four-cylinder engine, these plugs provide some high-performance without the high-price of fully featured high-performance wires.

ACCEL 8mm Super Stock Spiral Universal Wire Set

If money isn’t an object, opt for the 8mm Super Stock Spiral Universal Wire Set from ACCEL as your spark plug wire replacements. These plugs will cost you around $99 for a four-cylinder engine, but have features not found on other premium or high-performance sets. The wires include a fiberglass and Kevlar combination core that can handle temperatures over 550 F. The ACCEL plugs work well on regular, street-driven performance vehicles, as well as those with specialty ignition systems. A durable and attractive finish also means these plugs look good longer for those of you who like to show off that expensive engine.

Spark plugs are just like any part you have to replace on your vehicle. You can choose spark plug replacement wires that simply meet the standards set by the manufacturer and won’t break the bank. You can also upgrade and get a little, or a lot, of extra performance out of your engine. Depending on the type of car you drive and how your drive it, any of the plugs mentioned above would be an excellent choice. Just choose the replacement spark plugs that fit your budget and your expectations.