How to Repair or Replace the Toyota Starter Relay

The starter relay in a Toyota vehicle is located in the engine compartment. The relay does not have parts located on it. Because of this, the repair turns into a simple replacing job. The relay can simply be unplugged from its location and the new starter relay can be plugged in.



Collect Tools and Parts Needed

The only tools needed for this job is a metric wrench set. The parts needed are the new starter relay and any attachment parts. The parts that may be needed for attachments could be damaged or old and need replacing as well. It is best to be on the safe side when making repairs to your vehicle.


Remove Battery Connection

Once you’ve opened the engine compartment, you can easily view where the battery is located. The clamp for the negative battery cable needs to be loosened with the metric wrench set and removed. Place the negative battery cable off to the side while the repairs, or replacements, are taking place.


Prepare Your New Parts

With the engine within view and the negative battery cable unplugged and off to the side, it’s almost time to add the new parts. Be sure to have all the new parts aligned in the order you will need them as near to the vehicle as possible.


Locate the Old Relay Box

The old relay box is located within the engine compartment. The passenger side fender well is where you will find the relay box.


Remove Relay Box Cover

The relay box cover can easily be snapped off of the relay box. On the underside of the relay box cover will be a diagram explaining which of the relays and fuses are which for easy repairing.


Unplug the Old Starter Relay

The starter relay should be found easily with the information provided on the back of the relay box cover. Once the starter relay has been located, pull it straight up to unplug it from the relay box.


Replace the Old Starter Relay with the New Starter Relay

Now that the old starter relay has been removed from the relay box located in the engine compartment, the new starter relay can now be plugged in. Place the new starter relay where the old one was removed. Plug the starter relay in with a lot of pressure to ensure that it is flush with the rest of the relays and fuses within the relay box.


Return the Relay Box Cover to its Place

The relay box cover that was removed in the beginning can now be placed back onto the relay box. Using a firm grip, the relay cover should just snap right back into place. Check to ensure that it is not lose so the relay box cover cannot just come off.


Reconnect the Negative Battery and Close Hood

The negative cable connector to the battery can be put back on. Tighten the clamp so you know it’s on properly and has a good connection. Shut the hood of the car.


Test the Vehicle

Now that everything is completed, it is time to test out the repairs made. Do this by starting the vehicle and paying attention to the way it sounds and drives. If everything seems right, the job is complete.

Repairing the Toyota starter relay is very simple to figure out, considering the starter relay has no parts that can be repaired. The starter relay is just a one-piece part. Replacing the part is a very simple task that takes only a few moments. This installation is so easy that it would be a shame to have to pay a certain dollar amount by taking the vehicle to a shop for the repair.