How to Replace a Car Remote Battery for Most Mazda Models

If you drive a modern Mazda, then you are probably using your remote to frequently lock and unlock your vehicle. Like any battery, the one in a car remote will eventually die. When it does, you do not need to take it to the dealership for service. By following a few easy steps, you can replace the battery of almost any modern Mazda car remote, and even reprogram it, if necessary.



Buy a New Battery

Begin by purchasing a replacement battery for your car remote. Most modern Mazda key fobs use a CR2025 or a CR1620. Check the remote or your owner’s manual to verify which one you will need.


Open Your Key

If your remote includes an unfolding key, then unfold the key from its housing by pressing the release button. Look into the slot and find the key removal tab. If your remote does not include a key, then skip this and the next step.


Remove Your Key

Take a small flathead screwdriver and insert it into the slot. Press the tab and remove the key.


Open the Transmitter

Take the screwdriver and insert it into the slot on the side of the key fob. Gently pry the remote open.


Remove the Battery

Press down on the bottom of the battery with your finger. The battery should come free and you can take it out. If you can’t remove the battery with your finger, then use the screwdriver to press on the battery.


Insert the New Battery

Insert the new battery into the slot where the old battery was. Make sure that the positive side is facing downward.


Test the Remote

Put the cover on your remote, align the corners, and snap it shut. Test the remote to make sure that it is working. If it does not, then you will need to reprogram it.


Begin Reprogramming

Close all of the doors, and then open the driver’s door with the key out of the ignition. Lock and unlock the car using the button on the door.


Insert the Key

Put your key in the ignition. Switch the key to the on and off positions three times in 10 seconds, leaving the key in the ignition when you are done.


Continue Programming

Close and open the driver’s door three times, ending with the door in the open position where it started. If you have done this correctly, then the door locks will lock themselves and unlock.


Activate Your Remote

Press any button on the remote twice. The doors will lock and then unlock again. Repeat this for a second remote, if necessary.


Finish Programming

Remove the key from the ignition. The doors will lock and unlock a final time. Test the remote to verify that it works.

If your Mazda’s remote has a dead battery, then there is no need to panic. Replacing the battery in your car remote is easier and cheaper than going to a dealership. Even reprogramming it is a simple process that will only take a minute or two. By making sure that you have the right battery and by following a few simple steps, you can quickly get your car’s remote working like new.