Replace a Chevy Cavalier Starter

Is your vehicle not starting properly with the turn of your key? Is it staggering or stalling? If the issue happens to be the starter in your Chevy Cavalier, you could easily replace this item yourself following the simple steps below. All you will need is a replacement starter ratchet set. Replacing the starter in the Chevy Cavalier is different from other vehicles in the aspect that it is simpler, less time consuming, and there are less tools needed to complete the replacement. Otherwise, the steps are quite similar to other vehicle starter replacements.



Remove the Battery Grounds

Separate the negative and positive grounds for the battery. Make sure to set them aside to prevent accidental contact. This will prevent any shortages caused by contact, as well as, any personal injuries during the replacing of the starter.


Remove the Air Inlet Duct

Remove the hose connecting the cars air intake system to the throttle body. This hose or tube is called the air inlet duct. Be careful not to damage the air inlet duct or hose connector.


Bolt Removal

Remove the bolts on the starter. Begin with the bolt on top of the starter and then remove the other. Do this by turning the bolts counter clowckwise.


Detach Electrical Connectors

All the electrical connectors connecting the starter to the battery need to be removed. Complete this step carefully so as not to injure yourself or damage any of the electrical connectors.


Remove the Starter

After all electrical connectors are removed, you are able to remove the starter from the throttle body. Place old starter off to the side.


Place the New Starter

Place the new starter where the old starter was attached. Tighten the bolts that you loosened to remove the old starter. Check to make sure the new starter has been secured.


Torque to the Appropriate Weight

Dependent upon the size of the engine the bolts on the starter will need to be torqued to a certain weight. If your engine is a 2.2 liter, then the bolts need to be torqued to 37 foot pounds. If your engine size is a 2.4, torque to 66 foot pounds.


Reconnect the Electrical Connectors

Now that the new starter is in place and the bolts are tightened, the next step is reattaching the electrical connectors. This can be completed by reversing the instructions in step four of this article.


Air Inlet Duct

After reattaching the electrical connectors, it’s time to reattach the air inlet duct to the throttle body. Do this task by reversing the removal process mentioned in step two.


Battery Grounds

Hook the negative and positive battery grounds back to the battery. Make sure to take note of which you are attaching to which and whether you are attaching the negative or the positive first. The negative ground should be taken off first and attached first. After doing this, your Chevy Cavalier starter replacement is now complete.

Replacing the Chevy Cavalier starter yourself is one of the easiest self-replacement jobs. Following these steps above will allow very little room for error. You will save time and money by doing it yourself and not taking the vehicle to a car service center. Keep in mind that these steps should be followed precisely in order to have success.