Where to get Free Car Battery Tests

It has happened to just about everyone; you have to be somewhere on time and you go out to your car and your car will not start. There are things you can do to prevent this from happening, one of which is having your car’s battery tested on a regular basis. Many auto parts retailers offer a free car battery test for this purpose. Having your battery tested could prevent waking up one morning to a dead car battery. This list contains information on where to get free car battery tests listed in alphabetical order with no preference intended.

Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto parts promises to test your car battery for free. They will then recommend whether you need a new battery or not. Should your battery merely need a charge, Advance will charge your battery for free as well. If you need a new battery and purchase it from them, the installation is free. They will also recycle your battery.

Auto Zone

Auto Zone offers free in-vehicle battery testing or you can safely remove your battery and take it for free in-store testing. They use a battery load tester, which works by drawing a specific load and measuring the voltage drop. Auto Zone will also charge your battery free of cost. Their Duralast Fast Charger takes about 30 minutes to charge a regular battery. Of course, if you are need of a new battery, Auto Zone will sell you that as well and recycle your old battery for you.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Like its competitors, O’Reilly Auto Parts offers to check your battery with free diagnostics at no cost to you. If your battery needs replacing, they will sell you a battery and install it for you. O’Reilly will also recycle your old battery for free.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys will perform free state-of-the-art battery testing with an analysis of the current charge and the life expectancy for your battery. The analyst will then walk you through the service options available to you for purchase including a Battery Starting and Charging Service or a new battery with installation by Pep Boys professional installers.


Walmart offers a free battery test in the auto and tire department. Walmart also offers free battery charging of batteries that are purchased at Walmart. If you should need a new battery when tested, you can purchase your battery at Walmart and installation is free.

Keeping your battery checked and charged will prevent unwanted surprises when you least expect it. Your battery is an important part that must be maintained to keep your car running well. Having a free car battery test run periodically will help you do just that. If you suspect that your battery is not performing appropriately, take it in to one of the retailers above that offer free battery testing for you.