Taking Advantage of Roadside Assistance

There are a number of people who choose to obtain roadside assistance as a precaution. For most drivers, there is little worse than being stranded on the road because of a malfunctioning car. Oftentimes, drivers who do not have a roadside repair service find themselves stranded or waiting for a friend or a random fellow driver to offer assistance. Thus, to avoid this driver’s nightmare, numerous individuals acquire roadside assistance. Although roadside assistance serves to help drivers with automobile related issues that prevent mobility, there are other benefits associated with roadside assistance that drivers should know about to obtain the maximum benefit from having this particular auto service.

What Exactly is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a service that provides coverage for incidents that prevent an individual from having mobility with their mode of transportation. It should be noted that roadside repair services are not limited to cars. Bicycles are also covered under some roadside assistance policies. Roadside repair coverage is offered through insurance companies and many auto and bicycling clubs and associations, such as the American Automobile Association (AAA), which is actually one of the few companies that offer roadside repair for both vehicles and bicycles. The coverage offered under a roadside assistance policy varies based on the needs of the motorist or bicyclist. In many cases, the insurance companies and associations that offer this assistance have coverage options for specific types of vehicles such as cars and trucks, RVs, and bicycles. Individuals interested in roadside assistance must thoroughly review the available options and pick the one that best meets their roadside repair needs.

Are All Roadside Repair Services the Same?

All roadside repair coverage is not the same. The type of services offered under a specific roadside assistance package varies according to the company or association that offers this service. There are some companies that only offer roadside assistance for cars, while there are others that extend such services to RVs, campers, motorcycles, and motor homes. In general, most roadside repair coverage does include 24-hour assistance for such driver-related incidents as mechanical breakdowns, lockouts, changing of flat tires, and towing services. Companies such as AAA have various roadside repair memberships in the form of a Basic, Plus, and RV membership. Although there are basic roadside services offered for each membership level, there are variances among the Plus and RV memberships. Thus, not all roadside assistance coverage is the same even from the same company, and individuals should conduct thorough research to ensure that they purchase roadside assistance that provides the coverage needed.

Are There Any Restrictions under Roadside Assistance?

In order to determine if there are any restrictions under a roadside repair coverage it is important to read the benefits guide that is presented to those who purchase roadside assistance. Many companies and associations post their guides online for all to access. The benefits guide provides detailed information on what is and is not covered under the various coverage options for roadside assistance. There is usually a Restrictions heading that lists all of the items that are restricted for coverage under a designated roadside assistance package. Some of the more common restrictions include the cost of tolls, the cost of parts, service to unattended vehicles, and service to vehicles that are not legally drivable (such as vehicles that are uninsured, untagged, and/or unregistered). It is important that people make themselves familiar with the various restrictions that are associated with their roadside repair coverage.

Does Roadside Repair Coverage Offer Any Additional Benefits?

Many companies and associations that offer roadside repair service do offer additional benefits. Much of the time, people are only concerned about the services that they are more likely to use, and because of this, they miss out on a number of perks offered under their roadside assistance coverage. For example, through AAA, drivers can receive legal defense reimbursement for attorney’s fees on certain non-guilty plea motor vehicle violations up to a specified amount. Additional perks are available, but individuals must take the time to thoroughly review their existing roadside repair coverage to determine what they are and how they can be utilized.

While many people have roadside repair coverage for the obvious benefit of having their vehicle fixed when needed, there are a number of additional benefits that are available through roadside assistance coverage. Most people have this form of coverage, but they are only knowledgeable about the services that they are most likely to use. You should take the time to thoroughly review your roadside coverage so that you can take full advantage of all of the available benefits. In doing this, you will be able to maximize your roadside repair coverage when you need it most.