A Review of the WD-40 Smart Straw

One of the most annoying problems that can arise with spray lubricants like WD-40 is the straw; it gets lost. It comes attached to the side of the can for insertion into the spray nozzle, to allow directed streams, but it can easily come loose and drop behind or under something, never to be found again. Without the straw, the lube can only be sprayed directly from the nozzle, an imprecise, wide angle, messy approach that wastes lube and gets everything gooey. Recently, WD-40 has come with an improved straw called the smart straw that solves this problem. Read on to find out more about this fix to an annoying problem.


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The advantage of a straw nozzle when using a spray lubricant and water displacer is that the product can be focused in a tight, small stream. This is great for cleaning small parts or lubricating a small screw when you don’t want to spray the product all over the equipment. On the other hand, there are times when you do want to spray product over a wide area, so the straw needs to be detachable in order to let it be used when it needs to be used and put aside when it doesn’t,
The smart straw can’t get lost because it’s permanently attached to the can. The old straw had to be removed in order to use the spray nozzle for a wider application. This straw toggles into two positions. Click it down and it’s out of the way for the wide spray nozzle. Move it up and into position, and it works just like the old WD-40 straw for a focused spray on one spot.


The smart straw is an integral part of a can of WD-40. It includes a plastic toggle hinge and a socket arrangement that plugs it into the spray nozzle in use. When pushed down, it disconnects and moves into a position beside the can where it’s out of the way. When pushed up, it clicks into place to direct the flow of lubricant. The smart straw would be a universal solution to the lost straw problem if WD-40 were a universal product, but it isn’t quite that.
Another product that solves the same problem is the Hold-It Straw Holder. This is an attachment fixed to the side of a can of lubricant that holds the straw in place or toggles it out of the way when it’s not wanted. It works much like the smart straw, except that it’s an attachment that can be used with various products.


The smart straw is a simple answer to an annoying problem. It works perfectly by making the straw a part of the can of WD-40. It allows easy toggling between narrow application using the draw and wider application using the spray nozzle. The ability to apply WD-40 in a tight, controlled stream to a small surface or to a larger one using the spray nozzle is preserved.


The only downside of the smart straw is that it works only with the can of WD-40 it came with. It has no utility with any other products that might benefit from the same simple technology. Also, it doesn’t come with WD-40 in bulk, so the only way to use the smart straw is to buy the smaller dispensers of WD-40.

The smart straw is one of those "why didn’t I think of that?" ideas and a great solution to a simple problem. It makes organizing one’s tools for auto repair and other jobs using spray lubricant and water displacer a little simpler, with one less thing to lose track of. The best thing about it is that it’s easy to use and requires no additional purchase. The worst thing is that, so far, it only works with one product, WD-40, and only with one can at a time. It’s additional packaging to deal with as well.