Acura TL Cabin Filters

If you own a car model year 2000 or later, chances are that your car has a cabin air filter. First made popular in the European market in the 1980s, it has spread to the United States and is featured in about four out of every ten vehicles made. Few car owners are aware that they even have a cabin air filter in their car. This can cause problems if it is not replaced regularly. If you own an Acura TL, you have one of these filters. It’s important to know what it does, when you need to replace it, and how to replace it, in order to make sure that your car runs efficiently and provides clean, breathable air to its passengers.

What is a Cabin Filter?

Acura TL models are one of the newer model cars that come equipped with a cabin air filter. Air from the outside of the car is pulled inside the cabin through the vents by the heating and air conditioning system. This outside air can come loaded with harmful particles, such as pollutants from the exhaust of other cars, pollen, and dust. If you are stuck in heavy traffic, exhaust fumes may be especially potent. The cabin air filter is made up of a simple cotton or paper blend that removes these particles from the air as it passes through the filter. Some filters even have carbon added to them to help remove unpleasant odors.

When Should You Change Your Cabin Filter?

While it’s a good idea to check your owner’s manual for the recommended frequency at which to change the cabin filter for your specific model year, a general rule of thumb is to change it every year or once every 15,000 miles. You might need to replace it more often if you live in a high traffic area that has a higher concentration of exhaust fumes. If you don’t change your air filter, it can become clogged, decreasing the air quality in the car’s cabin and causing the heating and air conditioning system to work harder and use more energy.

Where is the Cabin Filter Located?

There are a few places where your cabin air filter can be located, so it’s important to consult your owner’s manual for exact instruction. Just know that it always comes after the fan in your air conditioning vent system. In an Acura TL, this usually means that you can find it on the passenger’s side, behind the glove compartment.

How do You Change a Cabin Filter?

Before you begin replacing your cabin air filter, be sure to choose the correct filter for your car based on your model year and preferred filter type. As mentioned before, there are regular paper filters and filters that contain carbon to reduce odors. Once you have your filter, remove the glove compartment on the passenger side. This will involve removing both bolts and screws, so have the proper equipment on hand. Be careful when you pull out the glove compartment as it can be easy to break the plastic tabs. Once the glove compartment has been removed, pull out the filter housing and remove the filter. You might consider vacuuming the chamber or using a damp rag to clean it before installing the new filter. Simply replace the parts and reassemble everything.

The last thing you want inside a tightly confined space, such as your car cabin, is polluted air. Stop-and-go traffic can leave you breathing exhaust, while pollen and dust can aggravate allergies and breathing issues. The good news is that the Acura TL cabin filter keeps the air you breathe free of harmful particles. However, it won’t work if it’s not well maintained. Take the time to learn how and when to replace your cabin filter in order to keep your car’s air clean.