Emergency Gas for Your Vehicle: Traditional and New Methods

If you have ever run out of gas, you know how bad it can be to be stranded on the side of the road. With the economy in decline, more people are found on the side of the road with no gas. In these times, there have been advancements with this issue. Having options for emergency gas is easier and affordable.

What is Emergency Gas?

It is simply gas that you use in gas of an emergency. The only problem with emergency gas is that you cannot keep gasoline in your car. Since it is highly flammable, you must be careful with how you store it. Keeping it in a hot car day after day would be a risk to you and the people in your car. There are several options for emergency gas.

What is the Traditional Method?

The traditional method is simply the gas can; however, many people rarely have a gas can in their car. One option is a collapsible, disposable gas can called Itzagascan. If you are close enough to a gas station, you can use this option. Since it can fit under your seat, it is easy to store. It is made out of cardboard but it doesn’t leak. It works better than the bulky plastic cans.

Are There Any Green Options?

Yes, there is. Recently there has been an addition to the market called ExtraFuel. It is a patented non-flammable gasoline derivative. Since it does not have an gasoline in it, it is safe enough to keep in your car. One container of ExtraFuel gives you one gallon of gas, which will get you to a gas station. It is safe for your system.

What Else Can You Do?

Most insurance companies have roadside assistance. If you call a tow truck or even the police, your insurance could cover the cost of the gas. You need to check with your insurance first. Some tow companies will assist with emergency gas with little out of pocket expenses. The police will help if you are on a busy road by placing their car behind yours while you figure out the situation. It is a safety issue for both you and the other drivers.

What Can You Do To Prevent Running Out of Gas?

In order to prevent another issue, you need to keep track of your gas. If you notice you are low on gas but don’t have enough money, just put in a few dollars worth for the drive home. This will ensure that you will have enough to make it to your destination. The best way to prevent this is to not allow your gas to go below a certain point. Once it hits that point, fill up.

Emergency gas options are expanding each year. The collapsible gas can and a list of contacts help you in these types of emergencies. If you suddenly find yourself out of gas, just get your car to the side of the road as quickly and safely as you can. Once you are out of traffic, you can focus on what to do.