How do Fuel Injectors Work?

Fuel injection systems are pretty much the standard these days and are used to regulate the total amount of fuel that enters the engine in addition to when it goes through. The fuel injection system is controlled by the engine control unit which further determines the exact amount of fuel to be utilized when you push down on the accelerator. In short, when you push the gas pedal, you control how much air gets injected inside the engine and the control unit inside responds by increasing the fuel that is thereby injected into the engine.

But How Does a Fuel Injection System Work?

Pressurization and electricity do not have anything to do with fuel injectors. They are monitored by the computer system located inside the engine. The computer decides when more fuel needs to be released. The computer further completes what is called an electromagnetic circuit. The electromagnet then forces the valve to open and fuel flows. As soon as more fuel is necessary, the injector turns the fuel into a spray which is aimed into the engine. The finer the spray, the more efficiently the fuel burns, hence the spraying into the engine.

What Types of Fuel Injection are There?

There are different types of fuel injectors and fuel injection systems. One example is multi-port fuel injection which has multiple fuel chambers that are attached to engine cylinders. Before the valve opens, the injector fires away. Another type is fuel injection is throttle body fuel injection. In this antiquated system, fuel and air are pulled into cylinders, however regulation is nearly impossible.

How can You Test Fuel Injectors?

You can test the fuel injectors by removing them or disconnecting wires as necessary. The best way to check them is with tools that can be supplied by your mechanic. Listen for sounds like a knocking or clunking sound coming from your engine. That could signal that your fuel injector is not working appropriately. You can also test them manually with machines that you can find at mechanic shops or auto shops. The best tests in these machines include flow tests and spray pattern analysis, followed by a good cleaning.

Does Your Vehicle Need to be Take to a Professional?

That really depends on you and your comfort level with car maintenance. It also depends on your individual vehicle. Some vehicles need special tools to be able to access the fuel injectors. When in doubt, always check with your local mechanic if you just are not absolutely positive about what to do.

How fuel injectors work is pretty simple in the grand scheme of things. Fuel injectors inject fuel into the engine when the internal computer tells it release the fuel. If the fuel injectors are not working, you may hear a knocking in your engine signaling a lack of timing from the computer. Remember, if you have any questions, always ask your mechanic if you need any help.