Repairing a Jetta TDI Fuel Filter

The Jetta is becoming a car increasingly common on American roads. The TDI brand signifies that a Jetta runs clean diesel fuel. When you have a car that runs on diesel, you need to make sure you keep the fuel filter in good order. If you need to replace your TDI fuel filter, follow the steps below to get it done.



Buy a New Filter

Luckily a TDI fuel filter is going to be pretty exclusive, so you don’t have much of a chance of picking the wrong fuel filter when you go to pick up a new one. Just be sure you find a filter that matches the year of your Jetta. You will pay between $60 to $100 to get a new filter.


Get the Necessary Tools

No major tools are needed for this repair. As long as you have some regular household tools, you should be able to replace the filter with little difficulty. Keep a screwdriver, wrench, and some pliers around; you may need to use them once or twice. Be sure to set aside some fresh diesel to fill the filter before installing it.


Prepare Your Car

Park your car on level ground. If you want to be really careful, engage your car’s emergency brake to keep it secure. Since you will be working under the hood for this repair, be sure to wear eye protection.


Open Your Hood

Lift up the hood and support it in place. Find the fuel filter. It should be located around the front half of the passenger side.
* a Use pliers to unclip the fuel line hoses. Slide the clips off the hoses and leave the hoses free. Keep the lines away from the metal lines of the filter.


Find and Remove the Filter Clip

There are more clips involved in this repair. Find the clip that holds the filter in place. It is located around the area where the fuel lines meet to enter the filter.
* a There is a tee in the filter that you need to lift up and out. There is a screw that needs to be loosened on the filter body clamp. With this screw loose, you can then remove the filter.


Fill the New Filter

Fill up the new filter with the fresh diesel you set aside in the beginning. This is done to remove all air from the filter before it enters the fuel system. Protect your hands with rubber gloves while doing this. Clamp the new filter into place.


Remove the O-Rings

There are O-ring gaskets on the plastic tee you pulled out before. Take your screwdriver and use it to take them out of the tee. Put a new set in carefully. You should also replace the fuel lines.


Re-Attach Everything

Put everything back into place in backwards order from the way it all came out of place during this repair. This means tightening the screw and replacing the clamps. Be sure that all clamps are in position and holding securely. After this is done, close up the hood of the car and test it out. Start the car and put it in neutral to run the tachometer up to at least 2,000 RPMs so that any unnecessary air runs out of the system. This should only take a minute.

A Jetta TDI model is made to be more efficient and clean than a gas engine. If you don’t keep the fuel filter in order, that won’t be the case, so do regular maintenance. If you keep your fuel system clean, you will help save the life of your vehicle and the environment. Just be careful to protect your eyes and hands while working with the fuel system.