Replacing a Pontiac Sunfire Fuel Pump

Learning to change your Pontiac Sunfire fuel pump is a great way to save time and money. Your fuel pump should be changed every 30,000 miles, so it is wise to save money by doing this maintenance on your own. This is especially valuable to those who drive long distances for work. Replacing your fuel filter can also solve a number of other car problems, including stalling or the failure to start at all. To replace your fuel pump yourself, you will need a car jack, a screwdriver, a gas siphon, and a gas can. With these items, you should have no trouble replacing your fuel pump.



Prepare Your Car for Fuel Tank Removal

To access your fuel pump, you must first remove the fuel tank from your vehicle. Use the jack to raise the back of your vehicle so you can access the fuel tank. Disconnect your vehicle’s fuel tank harness, which can be found directly behind your fuel tank. Run your car for a couple of minutes to remove the pressure in your fuel lines.


Remove Clamps and Hoses

Use your screwdriver to remove your vehicle’s filler hose by taking off the top and bottom clamps holding it in place. Next, remove the vent hose that is located next to the fuel tank by removing its clamp as well.


Remove the Fuel lines and Siphon Out Excess Gas

There will be three fuel lines located behind the fuel tank. Squeeze the fuel line connectors and pull them apart to disconnect them. Siphon the fuel from your tank into your gas container.


Remove the Fuel Tank

Remove the straps holding your fuel tank in place by removing the bolts that secure them. Rotate the straps away from the fuel tank and lower it to the ground. Make sure you move the fuel tank out of your way so you will have room to work.


Remove the Fuel Pump Retainer

Remove the fuel pump retainer from your vehicle. There are two types of rings that may hold the retainer in place. If your vehicle features a snap ring, use your screw driver to pull the snap ring up for removal. If your car features a cam lock ring, place the tip of your screwdriver against one of the vertical tabs and tap it counterclockwise to loosen the ring.


Remove the Fuel Pump

Carefully remove the fuel pump from your fuel tank, making sure that you do not damage the arm of the fuel sending unit. Simply lift the fuel pump out of your tank.


Replace the O-Ring in Your Tank

The hole at the top of your fuel tank features an O-ring that allows the tank to seal properly. Pull the old O-ring out and replace it with a new ring. Make sure that there is a tight seal.


Install the New Fuel Pump

Install the new fuel pump by aligning the fuel lines at the top so that they are facing in the right direction. The pump is spring loaded, so press it down in order to shift it into position easily. Make sure that the fuel pump’s locating tab fits securely into the slot located on the fuel tank.


Re-Install the Snap Ring or Cam Lock

Put the snap ring or cam lock back in place by working backward from how you removed it, or by doing the exact opposite of what you did to remove it. The snap ring will snap back into place easily. To re-install the cam lock, tap it in clockwise until the rings are engaged with the designated tabs.


Replace the Fuel Tank

Raise the fuel tank back into position and replace the support straps that hold it in place. Tighten the bolts that hold the straps in place so the fuel tank is secure.


Reconnect the Fuel Lines, Hoses, Clamps, and Plugs

Reconnect the three fuel lines by pushing both ends together. Replace the hoses and tighten the clamps into place using your screwdriver. Reconnect the filler hose first and the vent hoses second. Reconnect the electrical plug to the fuel pump’s electrical harness. Lower your vehicle back down to the ground and remove the jack.


Replace Gas and Check for Leaks

Replace the gas that you siphoned from your fuel tank and run your vehicle to make sure that there are no visible gas leaks.

Replacing your Pontiac Sunfire fuel pump is one area of vehicle maintenance that you should know how to accomplish yourself. The fact that this part must be replaced after every 30,000 miles makes learning to replace the fuel pump yourself a major money saving option. By following these relatively simple instructions, you should be able to replace your fuel pump quickly and easily. Doing this yourself will help you save money. If you have the time, and know what you are doing, your car will be running beautifully in no time at all.