Insuring Your Grand Cherokee

One major expense potential car owners sometimes forget to include is the cost of insurance. If you buy a car on a loan, you will be required to get full coverage insurance. Fortunately, SUVs have moved up the list of least expensive vehicles to insure. The 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee ranks as the second least expensive vehicle to insure. If insurance cost is a big factor, a Grand Cherokee may be the way to go. If you have a black Grand Cherokee, here are a few other things to consider about insuring your vehicle.

What Type of Insurance Should a Car Owner Get on a Black Grand Cherokee?

If you pay for your black Grand Cherokee purchase in full, you have the option to purchase full coverage or liability only. The newer your vehicle the more important it is to have full coverage insurance. Full coverage can save you money if you are at fault in a car accident or if you get into an accident with someone who is not covered. Because the Grand Jeep Cherokee ranks among the lowest insurance rates, the extra expense will not be as high as with other vehicles.

Will Insurance Cover Basic Repairs on a Grand Cherokee?

Most insurance policies will only cover damage and repairs associated with an accident. If the brakes on your black Grand Cherokee go out, your insurance will not offer any help. However, if the windshield of your black Grand Cherokee is damaged by a rock while you are driving down the road, most full-coverage insurance policies will cover chip repair or a portion of the cost to replace your windshield. If you opt for liability only, your insurance company will do nothing for your vehicle if you get in a wreck, the money available is used to pay for damages to the other vehicle.

Can a Customer Choose Which Auto Shop Repairs Their Vehicle?

This depends on each individual policy. Typically insurance companies have specific repair companies in the area that accept their payments, much like doctor’s offices that only accept insurance from specific companies. If you are involved in an accident and need repairs on your black Grand Cherokee covered by your insurance or the other party’s insurance, you will be given a list of approved shops. Sometimes, you can choose an alternate location but the insurance may not cover as much of the cost.

Will Full Coverage Insurance Cover Car Rental During Repairs Related to an Accident?

This depends on your policy. Many auto companies require a rider added to the policy to include rental coverage. While you can add this rider to your black Grand Cherokee auto policy, it may be cheaper in the long run to have an emergency fund set aside. If the other driver was at fault in the accident, whether a rental is covered or not depends on the other driver’s policy.

Car insurance can be expensive but auto repairs to a black Grand Cherokee, particularly if it is a newer model, can be even pricier. While insurance policies are not designed to provide coverage for basic repairs, any warranty you have on the vehicle should supplement the costs you have to pay. The right insurance coverage on your new jeep can add a lot of protection against the unforeseen accident. Before you purchase an auto policy, remember to check out a few companies for the best price.