United States Automotive Associations

There are many automotive associations available for auto drivers and auto professionals in the United States. These associations help consumers stay informed on driving regulations, repair, and insurance. They also help auto professionals stay abreast of the latest auto industry trends. Additionally, these automotive associations help to promote the safety and use of automobiles in the U.S.

American Automobile Association

The American Automobile Association (AAA) was founded in 1902. It was founded for the purpose of improving roadway conditions for automobile drivers. Since its founding it has always represented the interests of a conglomerate of motor clubs. AAA has played a central role in the development of automobile driving materials. It is also known for its contributions to driving safety.

United States Auto Club

The United States Auto Club (USAC) was founded in 1955. It represents national auto racing drivers and is known for its sanctioning of auto racing competitions, most notably the Indianapolis 500. Its members are influential in establishing racing competition guidelines and car design specifications.

Electric Auto Association

The Electric Auto Association (EAA) was founded in 1967. Its purpose is to promote the manufacturing and use of electric battery vehicles. EAA has numerous local chapters across the United States that meet to discuss electric transportation issues, including the promotion of electric plug-in stations. Members receive regular communications on electric vehicle news through the EAA’s newsletter. The EAA also provides up to date communications on electric vehicle events on its website.

National Automobile Dealers Association

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) was founded in 1917. Its purpose is primarily to represent the interests of automobile dealers in the U.S. and internationally. The NADA provides communications on automobile pricing and regulatory trends to keep dealers updated on current industry news. The NADA also develops NADA Guides on vehicle pricing information which they provide for consumers.

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers replaced the Automobile Manufacturers Association in 1999. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers builds on the principles developed by the Automobile Manufacturers Association which was founded in 1911. The Alliance’s purpose is to lobby for the interests of automobile manufacturers.

Classic Car Club of America

The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) was founded in 1952. It seeks to commemorate classic cars that were introduced during 1925 to 1948. The CCCA publishes regular reports that list the classic cars approved to the Classic Cars Club list. Classic car competitions are available allowing individuals to enter their classic car for consideration. The Classic Car Club of America Museum has many classic cars on display for interested viewers and is located in Michigan.

Whether you are an automobile owner, dealer, or manufacturer, you will find there is an automobile association for you. Owners can enjoy the benefits of roadside assistance and driving communications through the AAA and other owner targeted associations. Dealer associations are available to represent the interests of dealers and provide valuable information on vehicle pricing trends. Automobile manufacturers can also turn to automotive manufacturing associations for public policy support.