How to Use a Headlight Bulb Chart

When your headlight is out on your vehicle, you can easily go to a professional installer and have the bulb replaced. You may want to save a bit of time and money and pick up the bulb yourself and install it. This process is not difficult. You can easily find the bulb needed for your vehicle with a headlight bulb chart.

What Information Do You Need Before Consulting the Headlight Bulb Chart?

Before you begin, you will need to gather three pieces of information. You will need the make of your vehicle, the model year, and the model of your vehicle. For example, the make of your vehicle is the manufacturer, which could be Dodge, Honda, BMW, or Hyundai, just to name a few. Next, you need the year your vehicle was manufactured. Finally, you will need the model of your vehicle, which would be the style of your vehicle. Some examples of styles include Durango, Odyssey, Civic, Three-Series Convertible, or Sonata.

Where Can You Find a Headlight Bulb Chart?

Headlight bulb charts can be found online via the various headlight manufacturers’ websites. You can also find them in auto parts stores and on their websites as well. You can also call the manufacturer of your car or an auto parts store to learn which headlight bulb you need for your particular vehicle.

How Do You Use the Chart?

If you are using a headlight bulb chart tool, the information you have will essentially find the bulb for you. All you need to do to utilize the headlight tool is to know the make of your vehicle, the model, and year your vehicle was made. Using the appropriate information, the headlight bulb chart tool will show you the headlights that fit your vehicle. You will first look up the make of your vehicle first; they are listed alphabetically. Then you will search for the model and then the model year. At this point, you should be at the headlight that will fit your vehicle perfectly.

Are there Different Types of Headlights?

There are different types of headlights depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Some vehicles use a single bulb on each side that contains two filaments, one for high beam and one for low beam. Other vehicles require two bulbs on each side, one contains two filaments and the other secondary bulbs only have the high beam filament. Some vehicles also use fog lights, which are another bulb all together.

Using a headlight bulb chart is simple. You can easily do it yourself, find your new vehicle headlamps, and install them yourself. With the headlight bulb chart, the make and model of your vehicle, and the year, you can find the correct bulb for your vehicle and your driving style. Whether you need high beams, low beams, or fog lights, the headlight bulb chart will get you to the automotive lighting that you need for your vehicle.