Acura TL Air Filters

The Acura TL comes equipped with two air filters to help both the performance of your vehicle and the air quality within the cabin. One is located directly beside your engine, which filters air to your engine. The other is usually located under a cowl or behind the dashboard where air has to pass through it before reaching the cabin. Many people know of their existence, but most don’t actually know what they’re for or why you should keep up on maintenance.

Engine Air Filter

The Acura TL’s engine air filter is the part in charge of filtering air that gets injected and compressed in the engine for ignition. If the air being sent to your engine is dirty or of a lesser quality than it should be, it can greatly impact the combustion within your engine, thus delivering less power to your vehicle. In addition, it runs the risk of damaging the pistons and cylinders by trapping dirt and scraping the sides, which are meant to be kept smooth and lubricated.

Air Filter Maintenance

Like most parts in your automobile, the air filter requires maintenance, though minimal. Every so often your air filter should be changed to ensure that the air being delivered to your engine is clean and dirt free. If any filth makes its way into your engine, it can severely impact the performance and longevity of your engine. Thankfully, it’s usually pretty straightforward and easy to replace by simply opening the compartment that holds it and switching in a new one.

Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is crucial to maintaining quality air within your cabin. Literally all the air that travels into your car while your windows are all closed has to go through this filter. Much like the filter in your engine bay, this prevents dirt, mold, and other filth from reaching your cabin. One of the major uses of the cabin air filter is preventing mold and fungal spores from reaching inside, where moisture and heat can be trapped and facilitate the growth of mold and fungus.

Cabin Air Filter Maintenance

For most Acura TL models, the cabin air filter is located directly behind the glove compartment. One simply needs to unhook it, let it swing down, and slide out the old filters to inspect or replace. It’s generally good practice to replace these every few months, or when you replace the air filter in your engine.

Replacing your air filters is extremely important to the health of your engine and your lungs. Whenever you bring your car in for an oil change, most places will also check your engine air filter and let you know if it’s time to change it. Around the time you replace it, it’s a great idea to replace the other, too. Keeping your filters clean and fresh greatly reduces the risk to your body and your engine.