Common Problems with Chevrolet Astro Vans

Chevrolet Astro Vans have had many problems through the years dealing with safety, build, and recalls. Although this is considered a reliable van, there are many kinks that Chevrolet has to work out. From seatbelt malfunctions all the way to simple leakage, the Astro Van has seen it all. Here is a list of the most common problems with the Chevrolet Astro Van.

Power Door Locks

This is a small, but common problem for most Astro Van owners. The models affected by this defect were built between 1990 and 2005. The power door locks simply stop working altogether. This is because of a problem with the vans actuator. An actuator is a motor used for controlling a mechanism. It has been determined that most Astro Vans will face this problem after an average of 135,000 miles. The best solution for this problem is to replace the actuator.

Window Motor Failure

Another problem common for this series is malfunctioning window motor. The window motor basically controls the up/down movement of a powered window. The Astro Van will have slow, or non-functioning power windows after an average of 126,000 miles. This is due to the motor not being properly ventilated, making it overheat and stop working. The solution for this problem is to simply let the window motor cool down before the next use, or replace the window motor altogether.

Rear Air Conditioning Not Working

At around 130,000 miles this common problem occurs. Although the front air conditioning may still work, the rear air conditioning on the Astro Van is known to stop blowing cold air. This occurs due to the air conditioning line rubbing against the engine rupturing the line, causing a refrigerant leak. This is a common problem and can only be fixed by replacing the air conditioning line.

Power Brake Leakage

The Chevrolet Astro Van usually comes equipped with a hydro boost system. Power brakes increase the force your foot exerts on the brake, allowing the driver to use less force when braking. When there is a leakage of fluid from the brakes it takes more energy to brake, making accidents and crashes more probable.

Brake Lights

The Chevrolet Astro Van has been known to have malfunctioning brake lights. This is due to a faulty wire in the light wiring of the van. The faulty wire may create an open circuit, leaving the brake lights without power. This may cause accidents and traffic tickets as broken brake lights fail to warn other motorist that you are backing up. The best solution for this problem is replacing the faulty wire.

Bumpy Braking

Chevrolet Astro Vans with the V6 engine may have an incorrectly installed balance shaft. This makes the van vibrate while trying to come to a stop. The severe vibration may cause the driver to lose control of the Astro Van. Make sure to maintain proper auto repair because this is a result of the unbalanced shaft in the engine. To solve this problem, have the balance shaft reinstalled.

Loose Joints

Many of the problems with the Astro Van can be traced back to vibration. The wear and tear of the van and the vibration of the road may loosen joints and screws. Of course, loose parts are most likely to fall off causing malfunctions on the Astro Van. The best way to solve this problem is to have the Astro Van’s joints tightened during auto repairs.

The issues listed above are the common problems of the Chevrolet Astro Van. Most of these problems are easily fixed while others are more severe. In any case, auto repairs should be pursued frequently for maximum vehicle safety. Although the Astro Van is durable, comfortable, and spacious, make sure you keep the common issues under control for you and your passengers’ safety.