How to Change the Oil on a Chevy Lumina APV

On any vehicle that you own there is going to be basic maintenance that you need to complete. One of the most common is changing the oil. This needs to be done every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Changing the oil on a Chevy Lumina APV is easy. These steps will walk you through how to change the oil from beginning to end.



Gather Materials

Refer to your owner?s manual or auto parts store to determine what filter and oil that you need for your vehicle. The standard number of quarts is five, but you may want a sixth, so that you can top it off after it has ran for a day or two. You may want to purchase an oil filter wrench if you don’t have one. You’ll also need a container to catch the old oil. Finally, you’ll need a funnel to add the oil to the engine.


Lift Vehicle

Use a jack or jack stands, then lift your vehicle off the ground high enough that you can get under it to reach the oil filter. Put bricks or rocks behind the back wheels to keep the vehicle from rolling off the jack stands.


Remove Oil Pan Plug or Bolt

On the oil pan is either a plug or bolt, this can vary from model to model. Place the container you chose to catch the oil under it and remove the plug.


Remove Oil Filter

When the oil has finished draining, use the oil filter wrench and remove the oil filter.


Install New Filter

Install the new oil filter and replace the plug or bolt back into the oil pan. When you install the new filter grease, fill the gasket with new oil before you lock it in place.


Locate the Engine Oil Cap

Find and remove the engine oil cap. Slowly add five quarts of oil into the engine.


Verify the Oil Level

Using the dipstick, check to make sure that your oil is at the optimum range. If it is still low, then add more until it is at an optimum level.


Replace Oil Cap

Once you have enough oil in the vehicle, put the oil cap back on and start the vehicle. This will let the oil circulate through the engine again.


Check Levels Again

After running the car some check your oil levels again. Add more oil as needed until the levels are correct.


Clean Up

Make sure that you dispose of the old oil filter and oil according to your local area?s waste management guidelines.

Completing a proper oil change in a timely manner will help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your engine. Proper maintenance of all your systems is essential to keep your vehicle on the road and help avoid expensive repair bills. Another way to avoid costly bills on car maintenance is to do it yourself as often as possible. You can purchase repair manual at any auto parts store. It will walk you through most basic maintenance procedures for your vehicle.