How to Replace a Fuse in a VW Jetta

Volkswagen cars are well known for being different from other cars on the road in America; from their shape to the fuel they use, they are distinctive cars. The Jetta is one of the best-selling models from the German Auto maker. If you are the owner of a Volkswagen Jetta, you may have encountered the need to change a fuse every once in a while. If you need to do so, don’t worry. This repair won’t take that much effort or time because the VW Jetta fuse box is easy to access. Follow the steps below to make sure you perform the repair correctly, so you can get your car working right again.



Be sure the Fuses are the Problem

Of all the reasons your car could be having electrical problems, blown fuses are the least concerning. Changing out a few fuses or even all the fuses in your car will not make a difference in your car’s behavior if the fuses aren’t the problem. To find out if the fuses are the problem, you should first find the fuse box.
* a Finding the fuse box is not that hard. To find it, open up the driver’s side door. In almost all Jettas, the fuse box is behind the side panel of the dashboard, where the driver’s door and dashboard meet.
* b Examine the fuses to see if any are blown. The identifying trait of a fuse is a filament between two points. Electricity for a system runs from one end of a fuse through to the other, by means of the filament. This filament is designed to melt if it is exposed to too much electricity. This melting breaks the circuit, which deactivates it but protects the electronics in that circuit. Replace any and all “blown fuses”; they may look burned, and the filament will likely be broken.


Buy New Fuses

Most fuses will cost a few dollars. You can expect to spend between three and ten dollars per fuse, so while having extras is good, you may not want to buy too many extra. Online stores often offer discounts that seem cheaper, but don’t forget to factor in shipping costs.
* a When you guy new fuses, you have to be sure to get the right ones. Try to only buy actual Volkswagen Jetta fuses. Be sure to find the right year of fuse for your car, or they may not fit right.
* b You should also look for the right rating. Fuses have a certain rating that must be matched for the system to work. Your fuse box will have different fuses with different ratings, so replace them carefully. If you put in a fuse that is rated too low, the normal electric current can blow the fuse right away. If the rating is too high, the fuse will not help when a power surge happens.


Open Your Fuse Box.

Anytime you plan to open the fuse box, you should turn your car off first. Now that you have new fuses, you are ready to take the old ones out. Pull on the small handle behind the box cover, and remove the cover to expose the fuses.


Remove the Blown Fuses

You may need to slide your driver’s seat back. If you have the necessary room and lighting to see the fuses, find the blown ones and pull them out with your thumb and forefinger together. They should pull out easily.


Put in New Fuses

Replace each blown fuse with a new fuse. Be sure to check the rating for each fuse before you put it in. Most Jetta fuses are color coded, so you can more easily identify which rating to use.


Be Sure the Fuses are Appropriately Connected

You will need to give each fuse a bit of a push to get it into place. You should hear a clicking noise when they are in all the way.


Check your Electrical Systems

Put the cover back on the fuse box after all the replacements have been made, and do a test. You can test each electrical system by turning that system on while the car is running. Hopefully, all your electrical systems will run with no difficulty or blowouts.

Working fuses are essential for your car to run. Since so much of a car depends on electricity, you need to be sure all your fuses are working, or anything from your dashboard clock to your engine will not run. Doing a test should help you afterward to know if your car is in proper working order. Lucky for you, replacing fuses in your VW Jetta fuse box is a relatively inexpensive fix, and the repair can take as little time as a minute or two.