Diagnosing Toyota Camry Transmission Problems

When you are having trouble with your car, it can be a real worry. People rely on their cars for many different reasons, so it is important that you are able to get your car back on the road and working properly as soon as possible. If your Toyota Camry is having transmission problems, then you may be very worried about what you need to do. Although repairing mechanical problems, such as transmission issues, can be costly, the first step is to diagnose what is wrong with the automobile. Read on for some answers to common Toyota Camry transmission problems.

Can You Determine Transmission Problems by the Performance of the Car?

You can determine if your car is having transmission problems by the performance of the car. If you have a manual transmission model of the Toyota Camry, then you will want to pay attention to how the car sounds when you are shifting gears. If the car makes a grinding noise when you are shifting gears, that means there is an issue with the transmission. If your model of Camry is the automatic transmission, you will also be able to tell. Normally, when you transition between gears in an automatic car, the change is very subtle and you will not notice it. If there is a transmission issue you will likely notice jarring or shaking while it is making the transition into a different gear.

What Does it Mean When You Smell Burning Transmission Fluid?

When you smell burning transmission fluid, it is an indicator that your transmission is overheating. The transmission fluid in your Toyota Camry is supposed to prevent it from overheating. The fluid normally acts as a lubricant for the moving parts of the transmission and as a coolant to prevent overheating. You could replace the transmission fluid to see if that fixes your problem. If replacing the fluid does not fix things, then it is likely you have a more serious issue to deal with such as a leak.

How Can You Tell When Your Car is Leaking Transmission Fluid?

There are a few ways you can tell if your car is leaking transmission fluid. The obvious way is to look on the ground and see if there is any transmission fluid below your car. Even if there is not any fluid beneath the car, it is still possible that you’re leaking fluid more subtly. Take a gander at your transmission fluid to see how everything looks. Your transmission fluid should look bright red and smell sweet. If it is dark in color and smells kind of burnt, you might have a leak somewhere. If the fluid is lower than it should be, this is also probably due to a leak. The transmission is not designed to consume transmission fluid, so the amount in the car should stay steady.

What Does it Mean When You Hear a Knock While Idling?

If you hear a knock in your transmission while idling, it is probably an indicator of a serious problem. The most common reason for the knock is that parts inside of your transmission have been worn down. You will need to replace certain parts to get the transmission back into working order. Common parts that need to be replaced on a Toyota Camry’s transmission are the bearings and the reverse idling gear. You should take the car into a certified auto mechanic to get it checked out. The mechanic will be able to determine which parts are giving you problems and tell you what it will take to repair it.

Having transmission problems with your Toyota Camry can certainly be worrisome, however diagnosing the problem is an important step. If you smell burning transmission fluid or hear knocking while idling, try replacing the transmission fluid to see if that fixes the issues. If that does not work, then it would be best to take it into a certified mechanic. The mechanic can fix whatever problem you have. Whether you need to fix a leak or replace parts, the certified mechanic will be able to get the job done.