How to Replace a Honda Civic Wheel Bearing

Honda Civics are known for being very reliable cars, but they do suffer from wear and tear. One of the more common mechanical components to fail in your Civic is your wheel bearing. This is an auto repair that you should not put off. If you do, your wheel might fly off while you are driving. Luckily, the procedure to replace a Honda Civic wheel bearing is not difficult. All that you will need to do is to follow this simple step-by-step guide.



Gather Your Tools

To replace the wheel bearing, you will need a torque wrench, socket set, car jack, a jack stand, wheel block, and a tire iron. In addition, you will require a press in order to remove the bearing from the hub assembly. This piece of equipment is expensive, so you may not have it at home. Step 7 covers what to do in this situation.


Jack Up the Car

Now you need to jack up your car in order to access the wheel assembly. Place your jack on the same side as the bearing you will be replacing. You want to jack up the car near the affected wheel. Once the car is jacked up, put a jack stand underneath the car and lower it.


Place Wheel Block

You want to place the wheel block behind the back tires if you are replacing the front wheel bearing, and in front of the front tires if you are replacing a rear wheel bearing. This will help prevent your car from moving while you are working on it.


Remove Wheel

Use the tire iron and remove the wheel that is covering the bearing you will be replacing. Once you have removed all of the lug nuts, you should be able to lift the wheel off. If it is stuck on with rust, use a piece of wood to strike the tire. This will knock it loose.


Remove Brake Caliper and Disc

The brake caliper will be held onto the rotor by several bolted screws. Use your socket set and torque wrench to remove these. You will then be able to slide the caliper off of the rotor. Once the caliper is removed, you will be able to remove the brake disc.


Remove Wheel Hub Assembly

The next step is to remove the wheel hub. This will be connected to the steering spindle by several bolts. Loosen the bolts, and then remove the hub.


Remove Wheel Bearing and Install New One

For this step, you will need a bearing press. If you do not have one, a good recommendation is to call local machine shops. Almost every machine shop will have one. For the price of a few dollars, they will press out your old bearing and press in the new one.


Replace Wheel Assembly

After the new bearing is installed, attach the assembly back to the steering spindle. You will need to reinstall the bolts, and then tighten them to hold the assembly securely.


Replace Caliper and Brake Disc

Reinstall the brake disc. After that, you want to slide the caliper back onto the rotor. Use the socket set to tighten the bolts to hold it in place.


Attach Wheel and Lower Car

Mount the wheel, and then tighten the lug nuts. Remember that you want to tighten them in a star pattern. Once the wheel is reattached, go ahead and jack up the car slightly. This will let you remove the jack stand. Lower the car, and you have completed the repair.

You can follow this Honda Civic wheel bearing replacement procedure if you ever need to replace the bearing. Civic bearings are more difficult to replace than most cars because the Civic is a front wheel vehicle and the bearings are held securely in the hub assembly. Despite that, it is a procedure that is worth completing yourself. You will find that as long as you are able to get the bearing out to install the new one, you will save an enormous amount of money versus having a mechanic install it.