Magazines for Aspiring Mechanics

The Internet is a tempting classroom for hopeful auto mechanics. However, the best auto mechanic articles are found in trade journals and magazines. The reliability of these articles is not suspect like articles and manuals found online. Beginners should consult reliable publications for basic information.

Trade Journals

Keeping up to date on mechanical matters means reading the right auto mechanic articles. For this, the best source is industry-endorsed journals and magazines. Find of what your mechanic reads, and then read that. You want to pursue professional knowledge, not soft hobbyist third-shelf stuff meant for suburban slackers. Trade journals present a more technical and thorough approach to auto repair and maintenance.


Joining a club or society is another way to get access to resources like good auto mechanic articles. Often these groups will have circulatories or periodicals. These in-house publications can be treasure troves of experience. Again, seeking out mechanics and discovering where they congregate is the best way to learn the tips of the trade. You’ll do best through immersion.

Vocational Classes

Many community colleges and vocational schools offer classes in automobile repair. These classes give precious on-the-job experience. This is a valuable commodity, and one you can’t get enough of. In addition, most of these classes are taught on a part-time basis by mechanics with a passion for education. This makes the environment one conducive to learning.

Local Garages

Asking a mechanic to show you the basics isn’t always practical. They’re busy people with businesses to run. Still, some of them might be willing to get you started by recommending courses, publications, and purchases. Consult someone you know with a mechanical bent before you get started in auto repair. You’re going to want an anchor before you wade out. Local garages are also a great place to get started doing maintenance work and side jobs to learn the trade and get your foot in the door within the industry.


Find somewhere you can learn on the job. Maybe try your hand at bicycle repair at one of the many charity bike-building locations currently popular on the East Coast. Building up real experience is the key to becoming a competent mechanic. You can’t substitute reading articles or listening to lectures. It’s about hands-on experience with engines, parts, and real machinery.

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands into some grease to help you become a halfway decent mechanic. The best auto mechanic articles can’t teach you how to commit to a project or follow through on a repair. For beginners, articles should function as a primer to a real situation. You want to learn how it feels to repair a car, not just what to do.