Resolving Chrysler Sebring Engine Problems

Chrysler introduced the mid-sized Sebring in 1995. The Chrysler Sebring was manufactured until 2010 and from 1996 until 2000, when it was also sold as a convertible. In 2011, the Sebring was replaced by the Chrysler 200. Many consumers have found the Chrysler Sebring to be a comfortable and reliable vehicle. This article discusses a few problems common to the Chrysler Sebring’s engine and what consumers should do about them.

Air Conditioner Water Leak

Many Sebring owners have noticed water leaks occurring inside their vehicle usually starting in the floorboard of the passenger side. This condition is usually caused by a plugged air conditioner drain. Left unrepaired, the car’s floorboard can become soaked and the car owner’s problem can be compounded by mildew forming. This problem should be addressed by a trustworthy mechanic as soon as possible.

Faulty Distributor Causing Stalling

Another problem many Sebring owners have faced is occasional stalling and difficulty starting up. These problems may be due to a faulty distributor. It could be that the sensor inside the distributor has failed or the wiring to the distributor may be damaged. Since there are several possibilities, a mechanic should take a look to properly diagnose the issue. The distributor may need to be replaced depending on what exactly is causing the engine to stall or not start up.

Oil Leak

The Sebring may develop an oil leak. The source of the leak should be thoroughly investigated by your mechanic. Many times a leak at the cam sensor o-ring seal is misdiagnosed as an external head gasket leak.

Failed Air Conditioning Compressor

When the outside temperature is very high, the Sebring may make a knocking noise that is especially evident when the car is at an idle. This may be due to a failing air conditioning compressor assembly. If your mechanic identifies this as the problem, the compressor assembly must be replaced.

Oil Pump Problems

A knocking noise from the engine compartment may indicate that the Sebring’s oil pump has become damaged, possibly due to interference with the air conditioning compressor bracket. The pump may need to be replaced. A modified bracket from Dodge is also available to prevent future damage to the oil pump.

Squeaky Steering Wheel

Some Sebring owners have reported a squeaky sound coming from the steering wheel when turning. The rubber boot seal on the steering shaft may need to be trimmed and lubricated to eliminate the noise.

The Chrysler Sebring has proven to be a reliable vehicle overall. Nevertheless, it is important for Sebring owners to be aware of the possible problems their car and its engine may eventually develop. Any time an owner suspects mechanical issues, they are wise to take the car into the shop right away for a checkup by an experienced mechanic. This can prevent the problem from becoming more complicated or expensive to repair. Regular preventative maintenance also does wonders in prolonging the life of any vehicle.