Auto Mechanic Career

Exploring career options is an important first step for teenagers and adults reentering the workforce. Knowing what a typical day entails, what education is needed to get started, as well as what the pay will be like are all key to determining if it is a potential job you will enjoy and be good at. By doing the research beforehand you can help eliminate wasted time and get in track in the career field you wish to work. For those who like cars and working with their hands being a mechanic can be an excellent job choice. Knowing the basic info on auto mechanics and what they have to deal with can be the first step into an exciting car field doing what you love.

What do Auto Mechanics Do?

Auto mechanics work on vehicles to perform preventative maintenance and fix problems. They use computer and hand tools to perform their job. They have a wide range of knowledge about various cars and trucks to help them diagnose and solve issues that the vehicle may be having.

Where do Mechanics Work?

Mechanics can work for an independently owned repair shop, a franchised car car center, a car dealership, or for themselves. Hours can include night and weekends. Though some shops have more typical weekday hours during the day only. While the repair shop and bay are clean and ventilated the work itself can get messy.

How Much do Mechanics Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median pay for an automobile mechanic in 2010 was $17.21 per hour. This equates to a median annual salary of $35,790. The pay can vary widely depending on location and specialty car knowledge. Many people who have been mechanics for several years open up their own independent repair shops which can potentially increase their income substantially.

How are Mechanics Trained?

Training for this career is fast paced with many training programs lasting only six months to two years. Once they have become industry certified they can begin working as a mechanic. From there additional specialty training can be had as well as on the job learning. For those who wish to work on a certain brand of cars, they may wish to look into sponsored training from the car manufacturer.

How Does the Future Career Prospects for Mechanics Look?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand for mechanics is expected to not grow as fast as other potential occupations. However, once people do land their job they can expect to stay employed as long as they perform their work as the demand for car repairs in inelastic. For the best career advancement opportunities it is important to take all of the possible formal and on the job training programs you can in order to increase you knowledge and value to a potential employer.

Sometimes people are surprised about some info on auto mechanics, especially regarding their pay. As a consumer people see hourly shop rates from at least $80 to $100 per hour but that not all that money goes into the mechanics pocket. In order to increase earnings, mechanics may need to acquire further training, work in another location or area, or open their own shop. For mechanics that want to become self employed and manage their own repair shop they are wish to spend some time taking business classes as they will have to handle that aspect of the business as well once it becomes theirs.