How to Avoid Confusing Auto Repair Reviews

It often seems difficult to find an auto mechanic or auto repair shop that is trustworthy. A quick look at auto repair reviews will leave even a savvy consumer confused. One consumer review will say ‘great job’ and the next will say ‘rip-off’. Here are some tips to help you find an honest mechanic or auto repair shop so that you can avoid confusing auto repair reviews.

Tell the mechanic the problem you are experiencing.

When you speak to your mechanic, describe the problem that you are having in detail. Be specific and let him or her know sounds you hear and handling issues you experience, Tell the mechanic when the problem occurs and if possible take a drive to let the mechanic experience it for himself. Describe the symptoms like you would when seeing your personal physician.

Ask for an estimate once the mechanic has determined the repairs needed.

After the mechanic has diagnosed your vehicle’s problem, always ask for an estimate regardless of how much or how little work is needed. Insist that the auto repair shop call for your approval if additional repairs are needed.

Ask for the evidence that the repair is genuinely needed.

Once a diagnosis is given, ask the mechanic to show you. Some necessary repairs are obvious, ask to see what part needs to be replaced and have them explain why. Rusted parts, frayed belts, or holes in the radiator, and other needed repairs are easy for him to show you. Once your repair is made, ask to see your old part.

Offer your own diagnosis.

Don’t offer your opinion unless you really know what you are talking about. The mechanic may try to repair what you mention without that being the real problem. Then you are stuck paying even for unnecessary repairs because you tried to help.

Be intimidated by your mechanic.

If you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable with the diagnosis by the mechanic or think that the estimate is too expensive, don’t be afraid to walk away. Tell the auto repair shop that you will think about it. Don’t let a mechanic or auto repair shop intimidate you into getting repairs that you don’t need. Go get a second opinion. It is your vehicle, you want the best service, from a mechanic and shop that you can feel comfortable with and trust.

Ignore the information given to you by the mechanic

Don’t feel like you need to make a decision the day you get the repair estimate from your mechanic. Don’t ignore the advice of your mechanic, but get a written estimate for parts needed and labor. Then take the estimate home and do your own research. Look up the part that needs to replaced, find out what it does and how it is repaired. The more you know, the less likely that you will be taken advantage of by an auto shop.

When looking at auto shop reviews, you can be overwhelmed by conflicting reports about shops in your area. Don’t be intimidated by the discrepancies. Auto shop reviews can help you find a few shops to check out. You can then take your car in to several of the top rated shops. Use these tips to get your estimates and choose the best shop for you and your car repair.