How to Gain Employment for Mechanics

Gaining employment for mechanics shares a lot of the same criteria as any job search in a technical field. Being adequately prepared before filling out the application can go a long way toward securing the position. In an economic climate where there is a lot of competition it’s important for candidates to implement a goal oriented strategy.

Employment Plan for Mechanics

Putting together an employment plan should start with being honest with yourself and what you hope to achieve in gaining a permanent position with the company. Having a list of goals and providing examples of why you’re right for the job can be more of an advantage than years of prior experience in the field. Often auto repair shops seeking a mechanic are replacing someone who quit. This can be unsettling for the business owner and even the clientele of the shop. When a retail auto center is filling a vacant position they’re looking for someone that will provide stability for the company by hiring employees they think will stay. Supplying examples of why this job meets your long term goals can provide extra points over someone who applies with an unstable work history which is common in the automotive trades. Reassure through examples of how the position is what you actually like to do and are good at. Take this a step further and explain to the employer some long-range plans and how they integrate with the job opening. Point out why you’re interested in this business and how a relationship would be mutually beneficial. As an example, if applying for an entry level line technician job at a Chevrolet dealership, explain how you drive a Chevrolet and everyone in your family does as well. Include details about how you would like to advance your skills and specialize in the product that is serviced at the shop. Offer the possibility of bringing new clientele to the facility through family and friends.

Prepare a Specialized Mechanics Resume

Very few mechanics present a resume when they are applying in person for a job opening. Some believe that filling out the application and showing prior experience is all it takes. Having a prepared resume can set you apart from other candidates. Instead of an application lying in a pile with 50 others your application is attached to a professional looking resume and cover letter. This can attract additional attention to your profile.Remember when building a resume these are really personal marketing tools. The goal should be to leave a lasting positive impression. This is why it should be neatly typed and spelling along with grammatical errors completely eliminated. Most employers will appreciate a resume that is brief and to the point without a lot of unnecessary details. Things to include would be contact information, career objectives, skills and accomplishments, education and a few strong references that are able to verify the included details.A cover letter is a nice touch that can help reinforce the main goal of making a positive impression. Cover letters are generally addressed to the person who is giving interviews or hiring for the position. This could be the Service Manager or if the operation is big enough it may be a human resources employee. When in doubt make a phone call and verify whom resumes should be directed towards. A cover letter provides the opportunity to briefly explain how you and the open position belonged together. This should be done without repeating details from the resume itself. If you need help in this area, resume cover letter templates can be found online.

Auto Mechanic Job Interviews

When seeking employment for mechanics and you’re called in for an interview this should provide some confidence as they’re curious and want to find out more. Although an interview for most auto repair jobs doesn’t last long it can still be the step that gets the job or removes you from the list of candidates. Again take steps others applying for the position haven’t taken the time to do. Research the company and learn everything possible about the business and the people it employs. Specifically find out if they sponsor local sports teams or charity events. This shows interest in not only the position but the company itself.Be prepared for the common questions that are asked in many interviews. Things like, tell me about yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses, or do you have any specific questions about the job are common questions when seeking employment with any company. Taking these steps to be prepared does not guarantee you will get the job but at least you’ll have peace of mind in giving it a professional level of effort. If passed over for the position call and find out why so improvements can be made for the next time you’re seeking a mechanics position.

In the old days a mechanic could gain employment by simply filling out an application and highlighting work experience. In today’s economy with high unemployment and fierce competition taking a few extra steps can help increase the chances of landing the job. Put together an employment plan before applying. Prepare a resume and cover letter addressed to the individual that will be hiring for the position or interviewing candidates. If you make it to the interviewing process don’t walk in cold. Prepare yourself by researching the company and have prepared answers for commonly asked questions.