Most Common Honda Accord Powertrain Codes

Honda Accords include on-board sensors that detect when there is a malfunction in the car. Malfunctions are indicated by a light that pops up on the console. You can use an OBD scanner to pull the code associated with the light. This lets you know where the error is, and it will allow you to know what the mechanics need to do to fix it at the auto repair shop. This list contains the most common Honda Accord transmission codes and engine codes.

P0101 to P0103

These three codes indicate that there is a problem in the mass airflow sensor. This is the sensor that controls the amount of oxygen that is allowed to mix in the engine. The mass airflow sensor is known to stop working in Accords. That makes these codes some of the most common you will see.

P0301 to P0306

These codes indicate a misfire in the engine cylinders. These codes are fairly serious. They can indicate a serious engine malfunction. It is imperative that you have your car looked at as soon as possible if you pull this code. Engine misfires can ruin the engine. The fix for this issue is often easy and generally only requires an adjustment in the cylinder timing.

P1359 to P1367

This range of codes indicates that there is a problem with either the crankshaft or the camshaft. These codes indicate that they are positioned incorrectly. This means that the timing may not be correct for the engine firing. These codes are quite serious and can quickly damage the engine. This repair is one of the more expensive, short of having to replace the entire transmission or engine.

P0731 to P0735

This range of codes indicates that there is an issue with the clutch. This is the part of the transmission that controls the shifting of the gears. These codes are not as serious as some of the others mentioned above. These codes tend to affect only a single gear. Not running the car in this gear will prevent issues long enough for the car to be looked at by a mechanic.

P0973 to P0986

These codes indicate that there is a problem in one of the solenoid valve circuits. These circuits control the fluids in the transmission. This can be a large issue if the circuits fail. Accords are not known for these failures, but they do occur. This is another urgent repair. It is very important that you have the maintenance completed on the car as soon as possible if you see this code range.

This list includes the most common Honda Accord transmission codes. They will help you diagnose the problem even if you are not an auto mechanic. This list includes problems that are urgent. You should take the car in to be repaired as soon as possible if you see any of these codes. If you decide to repair the issue yourself, pulling the code will help you know what needs to be fixed.