The Basics of Auto Mechanic Safety

Auto mechanic safety should not be neglected in any mechanic shop or even at home in the garage. Many injuries related to working on cars from tools or general accidents can be avoided if the right precautions are taken. Within this article, a few of the best tips will be given with regards to safety for auto mechanics. This will help to avoid any personal injury.

Safety Around the Car

As far as the car is concerned, it should always have the handbrake on as well as the gearshift in the park position. It is easy for a car to roll and may roll with your underneath it. It is always a good idea to have chock blocks in front of the wheels to prevent movement as well. If you have to have the car running while you work, then ensure that the parking brake is on since you can’t have the gearshift in park. Do not smoke while you are working on a car, the smoke may go into your eyes blinding you for a short time or it may ignite flammable substances such as gas. Take off any jewelry such as rings and watches before starting any work on the car to avoid damage to the jewelry or arcing off the battery.

Working With Electronics on a Vehicle

As most tools are metallic and electricity will travel along conductive materials such as steel, you need to use insulated or rubber coated tools when you work on any electrical components of a car. The electric shock that you can experience from the car can be enough to cause damage to the body.

Harsh Chemicals

In many instances, harsh chemicals need to be used, such as parts cleaners, oils, lubricants, solvents, and anti-freeze. It is important to keep chemicals away from your eyes and mouth and wash your hands after using them. Store the chemicals in a safe place to avoid children or animals getting to them and being poisoned. If you are exposed to a harsh chemical, you should immediately flush the area with cool water and clean the area completely.


If the car is running, there will be fumes coming from the exhaust. It is therefore important to work in a well-ventilated area if you are working on the car while it is running. Working outdoors is advised. You can pull your car to the driveway or parking lot to have ample fresh air. If you are in the garage, then be sure that the garage door is open and the car is parked close to the door.

Tool Safety

When you use a ratchet or wrench, it is easy to knock your hand when you are loosening a nut or bolt. It may be stuck, and then as it releases your hand can take serious damage against a sharp corner. It is safer to pull the wrench than to push it while loosening something. A light tapping with a hammer can also help to loosen a tight nut or bolt.

Auto mechanic safety is of high concern as there are a variety of things that can injure you while you are busy fixing vehicles. By following some basic guidelines for safety, you can reduce the risk of personal injury while working on a vehicle. The tips in this article are some key factors to consider for your safety as an auto mechanic. Ensure that there is always someone within hearing distance to help you if you have any problems.