Nissan XE Models

If you are a Nissan fan looking for a new car, you should read up on the Nissan car terms and before you make your purchase. If you have ever wondered what E, XE, SE, or LE mean as part of Nissan car names, the time to learn is before you walk into the financing office. Below are a few questions you may be asking yourself (or you dealer) about Nissan cars as well as the answers to those questions. By knowing what these terms mean before you head to the dealership, you can save yourself time and money.

What Does XE Mean?

XE is an abbreviation at the end of a model name for a Nissan car that indicates what options package the car comes with. Many car companies customize car models like this to meet the various needs of their customers by offering different packages. XE is a common package for Nissan cars that includes what you would expect for the bare requirements of a car as well as some comfort and safety features without costing you too much.

What Other Nissan Packages Are There?

There are four major model packages for Nissan cars. The most basic form of any model you can find is going to be an E. Older E class models do not include internal clocks, air conditioning, power steering, or other features you would expect in a car, but they can still be driven. As mentioned above, a car with an XE package could be considered the everyman’s model. SE models venture into sport performance options. This may mean a sport transmission, more cylinders, and greater horsepower. LE is considered top of the line, with luxury details like a smoother suspension, faster speeds, leather seats, and a high fidelity audio system.

Is XE Performance Less Than That of SE or LE?

There is no solid answer to this question. Generally, a sedan or coop may have better engine performance in an XE model than either higher model. This is not always true with trucks and SUVs like the Frontier or the Xterra. Overall, a car’s performance depends a lot more on the model of the car than the package. However, some SE and LE options are going to offer better performance through features like four wheel drive and power steering.

How Does XE Compare to Other Packages in Cost?

The difference in price among the different options packages is most noticeable when the car is brand new. Over time, some options may become standard or may no longer work, so a used car’s price is not going to change so much because of its options.

Nissan XE options package models are what most people would consider a standard car. Although it may seem like a big deal, an XE really only differs from other models by having a different interior. If luxury is the name of the game when it comes to cars for you, scope out an SE or LE model. The XE is going to offer everything you need from a car and maybe a bit more, but not much beyond that. The easiest way to tell the difference between the options is to sit down in the driver’s seat and compare the dashboard and seats.