The VW Jetta Manual Transmission TDI

The people at Volkswagen bring you more power, more technology, and a top notch interior in five trims, with four engine and four transmission options to choose from in their Jetta. S, SE, SL, GTI, and TDI trims are all upgrades from the 2011 model, but the TDI in particular refers to the clean diesel engine under the hood. A VW Jetta, manual transmission equipped, TDI sells in the range of $23,000.00 to $25,000.00 and it is the only diesel driven compact sedan on the market. The standard manual transmission on the Jetta TDI is the six speed. It is fairly affordable among its class and boasts fuel economy, low emissions, and a comfortable ride.

The Good News

The EPA estimates fuel economy for the TDI are 30 mpg (miles per gallon) on the highway, but the good news is that they seems to be a little low on that figure. Consumer review ratings come back with an average closer to 42 mpg. This car actually broke records by hitting 58.82 mpg in September of 2008. What you can expect in the newer models is even more attention to the fact that the clean diesel is a fierce mpg threat to hybrid manufacturers.
Another perk to the newer models of the TDI is the increase in cabin and cargo size. Actually it is one of the largest, newer compact sedans you can buy. Without severing the fuel economy, VW has made the compact sedan much more comfortable based on consumer reviews. The quality of the materials used in the interior has gotten an upgrade as well. Most VW enthusiasts expect this car to be well appointed when it comes to cabin features, such as seat material, the latest in electronics, and comfort.
They left out some of today’s standard features, such as navigation, on base models, but the TDI comes equipped with Bluetooth, satellite radio, and iPhone compatibility. You can add navigation to the package, as well as upgrade the sound system for an up charge, but most buyers are happy with the package as it is.

The Bad News

Not everyone is happy that Volkswagen dropped its high class luxury image. The new price tag placed the auto manufacturer into battle for affordability and fuel economy against others like, Mazda3, Hyundai Elantra, or Subaru Impreza. In order to bring the cost down, they did have to cut out some of the luxuries that Jetta had been known for in their base model such as upgraded gauge packages. What upset some wasn’t even the physical or technical redesign. Instead it was the loss of the feeling that a Jetta was a premium sedan.
Be aware of recalls. There have been a few complaints starting with the 2008 model of the Jetta TDI, about a fuel leak and the newer models are not exempt. Before you go out and buy the newest TDI or a diesel sedan from any manufacturer for that matter, be certain that any issues have been worked out. Another one to look out for is that the engine has been known to stall out, because of a fuel pump problem.
Opting for an automatic version of this car is going to run your price tag up at least another $1,000.00. People have stated that the diesel engines are louder than a standard gas. There are some other models out there that might give you just as good, if not better, fuel economy and comfort than the manual transmission based Jetta TDI, for the same or lower cost.

There are a lot of differing opinions of the VW Jetta TDI, manual transmission model, that has been released since 2008. The newest versions dropped some of the luxuries that Volkswagen enthusiasts have previously paid a premium for, in order to compete with more budget friendly competitors. The focus of the manufacturer has taken a turn toward an economic car, high mpg, and an entry level price. Although there have already been recalls, reviews from buyers are generally positive. People are confident that the bugs have been fixed and sales are showing a tremendous increase.