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Solutions for Cruise Control System Problems

cruise control

Believe it or not cruise control systems have been around for the last hundred years. They really didn’t start to gain traction until the gas crunch of the early 70s. It was then that people realized a steady throttle position

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Diagnose and Repair Cruise Control

This article covers the diagnosis and repair of cruise control systems. Understanding the theory of operation can be helpful before commencing an investigation into problems. Another important piece of information needs to be verified before you get started, you need

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Using a Power Outlet Socket for Car Accessories

In the last two decades, we’ve seen increased deployment and usage of additional power outlets in the automobile. Back in the 70s and 80s this outlet was mostly used to ignite tobacco. These days some motorists attempt to run an

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How to Use Cruise Control Features

The cruise control on your automobile is one of those systems that is simple and at the same time complicated. It’s easy to use because the feature and control buttons are accessed with fingers or thumbs and designed to help

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Help with Fog Light Accessories

When it comes to fog light accessories there are two main varieties. First, there is the factory installed equipment and second would be an aftermarket system installed by the vehicle owner. Back when I first started driving factory systems were

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Five Useful Factory Car Accessories

Car manufacturers add factory accessories as sales tools that help move inventory. Nifty gizmos and unique selling features make their automobiles standout from others in the segment. This can go a long way to securing a new customer. Some of

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Common Power Seat Problems

Once you have an automobile with power seats, it’s hard to go back to the regular ones. The ability to make small adjustments to achieve the most comfortable position is always desirable, but on long cross country trips can become

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Solving Power Trunk Release Problems

When it comes to modern automotive accessories the convenience and low cost of a power trunk release makes them widely available on many models regardless of age. This article explains basic operation of the system and explores how to prevent

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