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Caring for Your Car: Looking at the Mother’s Powerball

polishes waxes cleaners

Mother’s is a line of car-care products from Mother’s Polishes-Waxes-Cleaners, Incorporated. Mother’s began operation in the 1970s with Mother’s Mag and Aluminum Polish. From that, the company grew into the business that it is today. They offer a diverse product

Automotive Throttle by Wire Problems

Automotive throttle by wire systems have come a long way in the last five years. Although the system is now more reliable than first-generation systems, there remains plenty of room for improvement. Here we’ll discuss how Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)

A Review of PB Blaster

PB Blaster

Although it may spend most of its time after purchase in the garage, PB Blaster can be beneficial in a multitude of situations. As a rust remover, however, PB Blaster is primarily used for auto repair. Distinguished by its red,

Applications to Diagnose Check Engine Lights

Android and iPad applications that diagnose automotive engine lights via a Bluetooth wireless connection is an exciting and quickly expanding marketplace. Unfortunately some of these applications deliver a sub-par user experience. Here we’ll talk about some of the popular applications

An Auto Repair Overview

When it comes to any mechanical service repair, there is no wider field than that of auto repair. Automobiles play a huge role in virtually everyone?s life and they require good, dedicated maintenance procedures to keep them operating in acceptable

An Astro Van Transmission Problem Analysis

The discontinued Chevrolet Astro van was a popular workhorse in its time. It was mostly used for commercial purposes, but also enjoyed popularity as a passenger van. Like many automotive vehicles, it had its share of recurring mechanical problems. Chief

Acura TL Transmission Problems

The Acura TL is a mid-sized luxury sedan made by Honda and loaded with fun features like a power moon roof, heated seats, leather interior, and Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately, this fully-loaded car comes with its own unique problems. If you

A Basic Guide for Understanding Trailer Wiring

By law all trailers must be wired to provide rear and side boundary lighting, tail lights, break lights, turn signals, and license plate lights. Before you hit the road with your trailer, you will want to make sure that it

5 Things to Check When Troubleshooting Your Custom Buick Regal

A car is a source of pride for many people, especially when it is a unique car, like a custom Buick Regal. When your beloved car breaks down, you may be frustrated and angered at the inconvenience. There are many

10 Easy Steps to Troubleshooting Your Acura Legend Transmission Problem

An automatic transmission is truly a marvel of modern engineering. Somehow the car knows when to shift gears up or down, depending on the acceleration and driving conditions the car is experiencing. Many people have never learned to drive a