5 Things to Check When Troubleshooting Your Custom Buick Regal

A car is a source of pride for many people, especially when it is a unique car, like a custom Buick Regal. When your beloved car breaks down, you may be frustrated and angered at the inconvenience. There are many things that can go wrong with a car, and you may not know where to start with your troubleshooting. Fortunately, checking five aspects of your car can provide you with a fairly accurate hint of what is plaguing your car.

Exhaust Color

If your car cranks, check your exhaust color to get some insight about what may be wrong with your Buick Regal. An abnormal exhaust color is a sign that fluids are leaking into the combustion chamber of your engine. Blue exhaust means that oil is burning off of your combustion chamber, while white exhaust indicates that coolant is being burned in the combustion chamber. A car that is leaking oil or coolant into the combustion chamber has a crack or leak in one or multiple components of the engine. When a car has black exhaust, this means that your car has a rich fuel condition. A rich fuel condition occurs when your car is not getting enough air to blend with the fuel, normally due to a clog or excessive buildup in a fuel component.


If your automobile is to run correctly, its fluids must be at the appropriate levels. After your car has been parked in the same place for a couple of hours, look underneath the car to see if there has been any fluid leaking. The color of the leaked fluid can be used to figure out what is wrong with your Buick Regal. Fluid that is dark is likely engine oil. A car that constantly leaks engine oil can have levels that are low enough to damage the engine. A red pool of fluid means that your car is losing transmission or power steering fluid. Clear or yellow fluid is likely to be brake fluid. Your brakes do not function properly without adequate fluid. Green fluid is an indicator that your car is leaking antifreeze or coolant. Take special care if your car is leaking antifreeze, as this substance is toxic to both people and animals.


Evaluating whether or not your Buick has power helps you decipher what might be wrong. If your car does not crank and none of the functions work, such as the windshield wipers or headlights, it is likely that your battery is dead. You may be able to jump your car off using jumper cables to get it to crank. When the functions work but your car refuses to crank, this is a sign that you have a bad connection to your car’s starter or that you need a completely new starter motor. You may hear a clicking sound as your car tries to crank. If your car grinds when you try to crank it, this can indicate that you need replace your alternator.

Onboard Diagnostic Codes

Sometimes, your car may display a light that indicates something is wrong with it. The check engine light is one of the most common warning signals. If a warning light is showing up on your dashboard, take your car to have its diagnostic code read. Some auto shops offer free readings of car diagnostic codes. Reading the code can give you an indication of what is wrong with your Buick. For example, a Code 1 means that you have a problem with your heated oxygen sensor.


Take a few minutes to smell the air around your Buick Regal. The smell that your car emits is another important clue you can use to troubleshoot. When your car has a sweet smell, this is a hint that you have an antifreeze or coolant leak. A car that smells of burnt toast likely has some type of electrical problem. An odor of burnt rubber means that either your brakes or your clutch have overheated. Odor that resembles rotten eggs points to an emissions issue with your car.

When your car is unwell, it needs a thorough examination to find out what has gone wrong. By checking these five things, you can determine what repairs your car is in need of. If you are capable of doing your own troubleshooting, you can save the time, money, and hassle of having to visit the mechanic for a diagnosis. Once you know what needs to be done to fix your car, you can take steps to complete the necessary repairs.