A Review of PB Blaster

A Review of PB Blaster

Although it may spend most of its time after purchase in the garage, PB Blaster can be beneficial in a multitude of situations. As a rust remover, however, PB Blaster is primarily used for auto repair. Distinguished by its red, yellow, and white color scheme, a can of Blaster is hard to miss on the shelf at the market. Read through this review help you decide if a can of PB Blaster is the right purchase for your rust-removing needs.

PB Blaster


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Whether you have an old can opener that is rusted tight or corroded spark plugs that you need cleaned up, PB Blaster can be your solution. PB Blaster is a liquid meant to eat away rust from metal, and it is quite good at doing what it was made for. It is designed to be sprayed out of a can through a straw onto any surface that needs rust removed. A small can contains 11 fluid ounces of the rust destroying oil. Once sprayed, the fluid works quickly to dissolve and break down the rust until it simply drips off.


PB Blaster comes in a few different can sizes, but for the most part, the solution is the same. Since it is a spray, it can reach spots on machinery that are hard to reach and loosen them up. This makes it an excellent default solution for fixing frozen machinery.
PB Blaster is often compared to its most commonly used competition, WD-40. The Blaster differs by not simply being a lubricant but also being a rust destroyer. These two effects in combination result in a very effective way to get frozen mechanical joints moving again. Many who use the stuff swear by its power to simply get the job done, whereas WD-40 is often said to just drip off.


PB Blaster has satisfied many customers who continue to use and swear by its lubricating power. It is especially useful for auto repair. Whether the rain, chemicals, or simply the passage of time has rusted parts on your car, you can use PB Blaster to “blast” it off quickly so you can get back on your way. In addition, you can usually find PB Blaster cheaper than WD-40 in 11-ounce cans.


PB Blaster is not quite as specialized as long-time classics like WD-40. The competition offers creatively designed packages, cans, and spray straws that may make the PB Blaster seem a bit lackluster. Additionally, competitors may offer varying can sizes that are more suited to your needs.
As a less common product, PB Blaster may not be sold as commonly as WD-40 in actual store locations. This means you may have to spend your money online and pay for shipping to get it. If you need to make a fix now, it may be faster to buy another rust remover.

Overall, PB Blaster is an excellent product. You would be hard pressed to find rust-riddled machinery that PB Blaster can’t fix (or at least de-rust). Despite PB Blaster’s quality, however, it doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles of its competition. Even so, if you’re in no hurry and you just want a quality product, PB Blaster is a good choice to make. If you’re still not certain that the performance of PB Blaster matches and even surpasses WD-40, Liquid Wrench, or other competitors, you should try them side by side.