Caring for Your Car: Looking at the Mother’s Powerball

Caring for Your Car: Looking at the Mother’s Powerball

Mother’s is a line of car-care products from Mother’s Polishes-Waxes-Cleaners, Incorporated. Mother’s began operation in the 1970s with Mother’s Mag and Aluminum Polish. From that, the company grew into the business that it is today. They offer a diverse product line that includes polishes, waxes and cleaning products, and among these items are products for the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. Products are available not only for keeping a vehicle shiny, but also for restoration as well. Regardless of your car care needs, Mother’s will likely have the tool for the job, as evidenced in the below review.


The Mother’s PowerBall is a polishing tool, and as the name implies, the PowerBall is a soft ball that is made from foam. It is attached to a hard male end that can be inserted into a female drill catch. The drill gun can then be used to rotate the ball for polishing purposes. Although the PowerBall arguably could be used for buffing a vehicle’s paint job, it is intended more for polishing other finishes in smaller applications, such as chrome wheels on a car. It can also be used on motorcycle wheels, chrome exhaust pipes and other similar surfaces.
The PowerBall comes in more than one version, including the Mini, the Mini MD and the PowerBall 4 Paint. As the title suggests, the PowerBall 4 Paint is intended for use on a vehicle’s paint job. The Mini is designed for the smaller jobs or for tight, hard-to-reach places that the other two balls will not go, while the Mini MD is specifically for repair jobs on stainless steel and aluminum parts.


The PowerBall receives generally positive reviews across the board. The top comments by reviewers referenced ease of use in terms of less wear on the hands and an improved ability to get into hard-to-reach or awkward places. Some users have noted that complete a reversal of oxidization was possible with the PowerBall. Other consumers used the PowerBall on their vehicle’s paint with great results reported, although this use is not recommended by Mother’s. One user even noted that the tool was comparable to a buffer.
Complaints, on the other hand, came in the form product durability, product performance and pricing. Pricing complaints were primarily a result of those regarding durability and performance. Users felt that due to the lack of performance and durability, the item should have cost less. With respect to durability, some users reported that the foam that comprises the body of the ball broke down or tore quickly by their standards. One consumer even reported that the ball broke down after the first use. The complaints about quality simply stated that the product did not do as good a job of polishing or restoring as was expected.
It is important to note that individual consumers may have used the PowerBall differently. For example, a drill with a lower RPM may have been used by one consumer over the next. This can lead to reduced effectiveness since the rotation of the ball has to be high enough to illicit the proper polishing effect. The tearing, in this case, could have occurred from too much pressure or use of the ball on sharp edges.


Upon review, there are many pros to the Mother’s Powerball. It can effectively polish chrome, aluminum and other surfaces. It will also save a person from having to deal with hand strain and will make it easier to get into tight places. When properly used, the ball can result in a professional-looking polish job.


Some users have reported less than optimal results when using the Mother’s PowerBall. Durability of the item is in question due to the tearing that has been reported by some consumers, and for effectiveness and durability, the PowerBall may be overpriced to some people.

As evidenced by the above review, the PowerBall does have its merits. Based on consumer reviews, there are more users that found the tool useful than those that did not. While there are concerns about its durability and effectiveness, the product receives generally positive reviews, and this includes four-star ratings under the review sections of sites like Amazon and Advance Auto Parts. Overall, the PowerBall from Mother’s appears to a good investment for car enthusiasts who want to put a light-catching shine on their automotive accessories.


The PowerBall for Headlights Kit uses another version of the PowerBall, while the PowerCone is another version as well. Both are used for polishing or cleaning, but they are not exactly like the traditional PowerBall and its variations. The Headlight kit is designed specifically with headlights in mind and is contoured for the shape of headlights. The Cone is V-shaped or pyramid-shaped and is intended for use in the hardest-to-reach places.