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Engine Troubleshooting Tips

Contrary to popular belief these days, cars do require maintenance and failure to provide it will leave you in a position to wonder what is wrong. Even the best car owners will be caught from time to time due to

5 Signs of a Bad Oil Pump

Your oil pump is an integral yet often overlooked part of your engine. The pump sends oil through the entire engine, maintaining an even pressure and ensuring that the engine is lubricated. If it goes out, your engine will follow

Common Car Symptom Troubleshooting

At some point as a car owner you will have to deal with a car problem. This is inevitable, but the degree of the problem will vary. Often times, car problems do not appear out of the blue. Like a

Knocking Noise from the Front End

An intermittent knocking noise from the front end of an automobile can drive even the most stable person crazy. Here we’ll discuss a few problem areas that often create clunking, popping, thumping and knocking type sounds from the front end.

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